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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    o kaya bigay mo nalang sakin yan pareng glenn tapos bili ka bago sa canada para malinis ang pc mo :D

    sorry useless comment hehe

    nakowsss.... naunahan mo ako....hehehehe

    sori din.... useless comment din...

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    Jul 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by GlennSter


    ayan dumadami ang suggestions..keep it coming!!

    recovery cd?ano yun?parang meron ako nun ah...gagamitin yun para mareinstall ulit ang windows?

    pag wala punta nga ako sa pinagbilhan...
    yup... yun yung intaller mo sa windows mo...
    and to make sure, sa pinagbilhan mo na lang pa reinstall... para swabe...

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    Oct 2002
    leighnahtan...thank so much!!!!

    pag aralan ko na!!

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    Jun 2005
    maximize your ram if you can, thats what i did when i got my notebook. personally ill clean it first like previously mentioned (spyware, junk, etc.), burn files that are only taking space, before even considering reinstalling it. i only reinstall if i ran into major problems.

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    Oct 2002
    you can also upload your files (MP3's etc) sa internet then download it in canada....

    Do a back-up and do a complete re-installation ang nasa isip ko na isang option...of if you don't want a new harddisk (P4-6k) install it in your laptop, format it and install your need licensed softwares.

    Then yung old harddisk mo, ibili mo naman ng external usb hardisk case (cost P800-1200 lang) now becomes an usb external harddrive/storage drive (which you can choose to bring along or leave sa pinas).

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    Sep 2003
    *laptop battery- recondition it-fully discharge then charge most neglected part of maintaining latops- replacement battery mas mura abroad...get one...repacks sa Pinas unreliable

    *1gb ram and never look back...if u can spend money on ur ride then u can do the same with ur notebook

    *update your bios kung masipag ka talaga

    how are u gonna go on line? lan, hot spots etc....??

    paturo ka ng ipconfig pag sa lan, sa wireless access card etc....just in case

    40 gb usb mobile hard disc Php 3,850 sa cooltoyz
    256 ram 'round Php2-2.5k......

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by leinahtan
    First, check on your PF (page file) usage. Your PF usage history should normally indicate 165mb. More than that, you have to remove unwanted programs and files. How to check? Press ctrl+alt+del. Windows task manager will appear. Click on the performance tab.
    sir, my pf usage is it way over the comfort zone?

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    Oct 2004
    eto hula ko lang sir glennster:

    yung comfort zone sa pf usage depends on your specs: yung pf usage sa akin kasi is about 410mb (out of 2271mb) and yet di ko feel na gapang yung pc.

    pls correct me if im wrong

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    Oct 2002
    pamana mo na lang sa akin yan ehehehehe!

    wag ka magdala ng pirated cd/vcd/dvd. sinisita yan sa customs, kulong pa aabutin mo dun. i don't know about canada pero last time nasa US ako (march 2005) yung nakasabay ko na may dala laptop search nila program files tapos random check nila kung naka-register yung programs. identified pa naman ang pinas na pirate heaven.

    bili ka ng external usb hard rive, transfer/install mo lahat ng ibang files mo dun para yun internal hard drive e essential programs lang ang laman.
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    Sep 2004
    pwede din defragment the hard drives ...

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what should i do with my laptop???