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    hi all,

    does anyone own the Samsung SGH D-410? I'm thinking of upgrading my trusty old Nokia 5210 and this is one of the candidates. I'd appreciate any feedback. thanks.

    btw, i just checked the reviews over the internet. not really inspiring. darn.
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    Oct 2002
    Wait for the D510 na lang siguro maam. the D5410 is a typical samsung phone. pero maganda yung golf game dun. My boss got our test unit kasi naaliw siya.

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    Oct 2002
    babae ba si april_ryan?

    all the while akala ko lalake (the ryan gave that away.)

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    Oct 2002
    maganda ang display pero walang connectivity, meaning no IR or BT.

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    Apr 2003
    meron yatang IR pero I read a review na di ka daw makatransfer ng photos using IR which is weird. wala talagang bluetooth mga samsung phones.

    I'm considering the d410 din pero parang bitin kasi features without the bluetooth. Astig lang nga dating nya, way better than the old nokia 7650 na slide phone din.

    di malayo sa d410, consider din the e800. mas maliit na version ng d410.

    meron na din to sa greenhills. pero dual band lang. yung d410 tri-band tapos camera nya nasa back, hindi rotating. meron pa daw e810 na mixed ng 2 phones na to. kakalito noh?? haha

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    Oct 2002
    D410's IR is crippled. What i like about this model is the 256K colors screen..other than that, nada. woah!!!

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    Originally posted by kimpOy
    babae ba si april_ryan?
    babae po

    and thanks to all, for the feedback.

    i saw kasi a promo from samsung and globe, parang P4800++ na lang yung d410 if you get a g-flex 800 plan.

    i also read the reviews on the d410 sa internet, negative feedback mostly due to lack of connectivity. ang iniisip ko na lang, what can i buy with P4800 nowadays na meron nun, and my NOkia 5210 only has IR so di naman malaking change for me.

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    Oct 2002
    yung promo na yun i think is 4800 a month for six months * 0% interest.

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    Apr 2004
    #9 brands are very ok sa screen color resolutions (sabi ni bunsoy)..

    one good thing about flexi plans nakakamenos ka sa unit price acquisition pero committed kanaman sa min. monthly dues;

    ma'm april, wala ho kayong company-provided cp privilege?

    OT:my private flexi plan with globe (P800/mo.)is still valid & it started don sa black, brick-like nokia model 2100 ba yon?! namana ni panganay tapos napunta k bunsoy nakapalit na ng sarisaring models; ang sim same parin..hehehe

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    Apr 2003
    one thing I like about samsung packages is may data cable na syang kasama. Yun ang ginagamit to upload/download and sync the phone.
    with samsung din pala you can upgrade the firmware with the data cable to get the latest version. Did this na before with a v200.

    Unless you're going to actually use IR and bluetooth for connectivity e baka di mo din magamit at all to. Sa nokia or other models naman useful sya kasi walang data cable na kasama yung package e.

    sa screen resolution definitely big winner d410 dito. camera is not bad and rotating lens pa.

    how many years tie-up yung promo ng globe? And ilang gives yung 4800?
    Consider na lang that the phone is selling for about 23k sa greenhills.
    Dati ang ginawa ko, and I know a lot of people do this, I bought the t68, then got a plan from smart with a "low-end" nokia phone. Sold the phone para pambawas sa cost ng phone.

    Sayang din you missed the smart and globe promos. pero mas mataas ang plan and for 3 years din tie-up.

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