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    Oct 2002
    ok cattleya or corona notebooks...or kung tight ang budget mo...yung artista na lang ang cover. :bwahaha:

    hehe..nanggugulo lang..:lol:


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    Oct 2002
    bob, bili ka ng PC buyer's guide. P100 lang full color glossy magazine.

    Ang dami doon mga laptops in that price range. Get something with a centrino in it.

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    Feb 2003
    post ko lang uli: lahat yan available locally (kuno)

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    Oct 2002
    get a dell.
    US warranty ng lang yun.
    depende kasi sa gamit.
    pero mas ok yung mga lightweight lang.
    mas practical dalhin.

    make sure nga lang na
    wi-fi ready
    512mb RAM
    30Gig-up HDD
    centrino processor
    CDR or DVDR

    yun lang po.

    PM or sms me if you are still looking.
    will hook you up with the person i got my unit from.
    although he only carries, dell or sony.

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    Sep 2003

    I can help you with this.

    Im working in a distribution firm of head end computers.

    IBM, HP/Compaq, NEC, Apple to name a few.

    If u want just text me 0917-8362878. pakilala ka lang.

    Drop by at the ofc, here in libis para pakilala kita sa mga Product Manager namin din hingi tayo discount.

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    Sep 2002
    Just thought you'd want to know; my experience with service on laptops sa philippines, mahina ang dell, ok ang toshiba.

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    Oct 2002
    In my own humble opinion and if your wallet can afford it, there are only 2 names to remember when it comes to laptops.

    1. DELL
    2. TOSHIBA

    The rest of the competition doesn't come close in terms of durability, features, and web technical support. Again, this is my own humble opinion.

    I've owned 2 dell laptops since 1999. First was an Inspiron 7000 366Mhz. My second and my current laptop is an Inspiron 8100 1.0Ghz. My first one survived 2 falls from a height of one meter after having tripped on the AC adaptor which was attached to it. No problems. Sold it to my cousin to get my 2nd one.

    Based on my experience and on the experience of my friends who have Dells also, technical support was never a problem here in the Philippines because they never had to have their laptops serviced in the first place. Maganda ang build quality ng Dell. Hope it stays what way.

    Go for a Dell if you can.

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    Nov 2002
    Dell = odell. hehehe. la lang.. nakikigulo din :D

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    Jan 1970
    im a toshiba user, n i dont recommend it, it's been with me for 2.5 years n it was reformatted 2x already, the hard disk collpased. n after the first year, the adaptor needs to be changed.

    gastos sobra!

    i dont recommend IBM, pangit yung external materials, too brittle

    i'd go for compaq/HP

    pansin ko lang yung mga latest models ng laptops, centrino na yung processor, what is its difference from P4?

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    Oct 2002
    got this from another forum...
    Centrino is not a processor and not comparable with the others. Centrino is a marketing program based on adding an interface chip set and wireless chips to a Pentium M to create what Intel's ad agency calls a "mobile solution." It's not much better or worse than anyone else's mobile solution, but benefits from a far higher promotion budget than any of the others.

    That said, my understanding (subject to correction by others more knowledgeable) is:

    Pentium Ms have lower clock speeds than the others because it takes a lot of power and generates a lot of heat to push electrons through thin pipes quickly. Power and heat are both Bad Things in laptops. Pentium Ms make up for this to a degree by using circuits that get more work done per clock tick than a Pentium 4 does. You can therefore use a lower clock speed with a Pentium M than you'd need to get the same performance with a Pentium 4.

    With Celeron, the reverse is true. It's a low-cost processor that omits certain performance-enhancing features that the more expensive Pentium 4s have. To get the same performance as a Pentium 4 with a given clock rate, a Celeron will need a higher clock rate.

    To make things more complicated, AMD processors (fully compatible with Intel's, lacking only the "Intel Inside" slogan) are designed to run at a lower clock rate than Intel's but to do more work per clock tick. The net effect is much the same. Intel's higher clock speed does not translate into a comparable superiority in real performance.

    And, should you also be considering Apple, the same applies even more strongly to its PowerPC processor. Its clock rates are not in the same league as Intel's, a perennial source of frustration to its marketing people who have to keep explaining that clock rates are not comparable across architectures, but its bottom-line performance is good enough for Virginia Tech to have built the world's third-fastest supercomputer from off-the-shelf Macintoshes - and for IBM to use the same chip in its top-of-the-line (i.e., above its Intel servers) server family.

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