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    Oct 2002
    AFAIK - when we first acquired our F5s back in the 60s we were the envy of our neighbors.

    though retiring those F5s is really practical. should there any invasion threat against the Philippines, we are protected by a mutual defense pact with the US, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

    though having a few token aircrafts for our air force is still preferable - we should ought to focus on assault copters & naval warships.

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    Feb 2005
    The "F" series fighter that the PAF had:

    1. F-86 Sabre (PAF never got to purchase the F-100 Super Sabre)
    2. F-8 Vought Crusader (the last pure jet gunfighter)
    3. F-5 Freedom Fighter

    Air Defense for invader? Aba, eh subukan nilang dumaan sa Bocaue during the last week of December. Baka sa dami ng kwtion na pinapaputok eh matakot na sila.

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    Nov 2002
    although i agree that an invasion is far-fetched, if not impossible within the near future, i still believe we should at least maintain a few supersonic fighters. it's purpose may not necessarily be for "external" defense because it will be useless against superpowers like china or russia, but rather for interception, quick-response and perhaps deterrence.

    examples would be responding to air/sea escapes by fugitives about to cross borders. deterring sea pirates/smugglers since response time will be shortened. responding to sea/air mishaps (the ability to get to the disaster area immediately and inform the other rescue units of the exact location).

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    Oct 2002
    IMO... mas applicable sa atin ang A-10 Thunderbolt... to provide ground support. medyo mura rin siya at around $10M.

    though kung supersonic fighter ang hanap ninyo... F-16 ang cheapest ata at around $20M. pwede rin ang mga Sukhoi aircrafts... yan ang binibili ng mga SEA neighbors natin.

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    Oct 2002
    Naku, wala na pala akong mapapanood na "Blue Diamond" air-show sa Nichols dahil dito.

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    Aug 2003
    in a recent exercise the sukhoi su-30mki's of the indian air force won 80% of their engagements against the USAF. although the USAF was operating under some artificial restrictions (e.g. US pilots were not allowed to fire until less than 30km away, whilst the AMRAAM medium-range missile the US uses has a range over 100km).

    anyway, not bad for a $22M fighter (su-30mki).

    it's been quoted that even a mig-21 or an F5 equipped with a boresight helmet and off-axis short-range missles can hold their own against F14's or F15's. the thai F5's have this system.

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    Oct 2002
    We probably need some sort of military aircraft which has multi-role capabilities (i.e. primary air defense [interceptor], border patrol, ground support, etc.).

    I remember the AFP defending a proposal to acquire Israeli-made Kfir jets to replace the aging F5 fleet. Supposedly, the Kfirs are easy to maintain with their single engine configuration, plus they have air defense and ground support capability. The Kfir aircraft is based on the Mirage III and Mirage 2000 fighter platform and has entered service in such countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and the US. Nung mawala si Mercado as SecDef, nawala tuluyan yung proposal.

    Ganda sana ng mga Sukhoi fighters ng Russia, but I don't know if our American allies will look favorably on our armed forces intent to acquire East Block equipment since part of their interests in our part of the world is to purchase military equipment from American manufacturers or from their allies.
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    Aug 2003
    ditto for Poland, an erstwhile east bloc country.
    after their mig-29's fell apart, they had the choice to either buy the eurofighter typhoon or the f-16 block 50 when they joined NATO. instead of currying favor with their new buddies the UK, Germany, and France, they bought 200+ of the arguably inferior F-16 block 50.

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    Feb 2005
    While I agree with all your wishes and assesments for our air defense, the unfortunate bottom-line is that our country doesn't have the money to buy new aircraft that can serve as an effective air threat deterrent. We can't even buy a single one.

    The past proposals for new fighters are just that: proposals. They would not see the light of day since our country has no money to buy new military birds. A decade or so ago, some countries offered to sell their F-4 Phantom fighters to us. But since the AFP does not have any money in it's coffers, we were not able to buy those fighters. BTW, the F-4s were not new: they were old and being decommissioned by those countries. An F-4 beats an F-5 hands down in terms of payload, range and defense. In fact, some F-4 Wild Weasels are still in service at the US Military.

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    Jun 2005
    For me, ito dapat ang priority list ng government when it comes to funding:

    - for NPA, Abu Sayyaf, terrorists warfare

    - improved surveillance, intelligence, and police

    - anti-smuggling, pirates, and protection of Spratlys

    - all-weather rescue planes/helicopters, attack helicopters, no need for fighter jets

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