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    Nov 2006
    Marikina City's Facility of Wirelessly Integrated Network Systems launched last August 21, 2007
    Marikina, as a pioneer city, seeks to meet the challenges and to reap the advantages of fully embracing the computer age. This venture into the new technology will pave the way for a more efficient delivery of vital public service and a more effective implementation of governance.

    The City Government of Marikina has put together its own Wide Area Network, connecting 66 remote sites of barangays, schools, health centers and other local government offices to the Marikina Data Center located at the Marikina City Hall.

    A network is served via wireless infrastructure installed on various selected sites thus making the City of Marikina as the very first fully connected high speed Wireless City in the Philippines!
    We have seen its tremendous potential in improving the efficiency of our governance, economy, tourism and security. The more notable and immediate benefits of the WAN are the following:
    Improves day-to-day operations thru office automation
    Provides access to information and regulations useful to the public through public service information systems
    Enhances communication and business operation of the city through the use of E-mail, Instant Messaging and SMS
    Continuos development of software applications to further enhance the office’s productivity and better provide the citizens access to pertinent information.
    Use of the enhanced transactional Marikina In – House Portal
    Free use of Internet, VoIP, and other Internet-based applications

    Haay, sarap talagang tumira dito sa Marikina, good thing my wife availed for the MCF card. Daming privileges

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    Oct 2002
    This is a great project for the city. I hope they will also offer free WiFi internet for the public.

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    Jul 2007
    Yeah,iba talaga ang marikina. Iba rin ang MCF privilege card,daming benefits.. Good thing at may property ako dyan,not to mention the opening of SM MARIKINA this december.. Im sure tataas ang price ng properties surrounding that area..

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    Oct 2002
    grabe ang asenso ng marikina, ang tulin, sayang konti na lang sana sa marikina na din kami...MAlabon kami ngayon e....LOL corny

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    Oct 2002
    Mataas tax ng Marikina, but not a lot of people are complaining coz kitang kita naman sa araw-araw na bagay kung san napupunta yung pera... and the spendings are not for "paguwapo" effect hehe.

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    Mar 2005
    lalo na siguro aasenso yan pag nagawa na yun SM

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    Jan 2007
    Aha, ano ka ngayon nognog (Binay). Yung hotel este cityhall lang nya ang gumaganda pati ung mga logo nyang B. Pakainin mo rin yung mga rallyista mo!

    Dagdagan mo din ng mga tamad mong pulis ang mga streets kasi dami din carjack and kung ano ano pang nagyayari jan!

    And bakit ba window hours ayaw mo pumayag dami mo na nga racket sa mga 1-way streets mo jan

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    Dec 2005
    Ayos iyan! Sana, buong Metro Manila na.....


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    Jan 2007
    good leadership.sana gayahin yan ng mga nasa "taas".

Marikina City's Facility of Wirelessly Integrated Network Systems