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Great purchase!

Still, personally, I feel that boss GH's recommendation for the ASUS suits your needs better. This is probably because they key factor I use when purchasing laptops is weight.

As key points for your next laptop purchase:
1. You don't need that much RAM. I used to tell people who consult me that RAM is much like your room's space. You don't really need that much space in your room. What you simply need is to keep it clean by throwing out stuff that you do not need (a metaphor for reformatting/optimizing your hard drive).

2. Don't pay too much attention to CPU speeds nor its architecture. What's fast now won't be fast 8 years from now no matter what you do. So don't overpay and simply opt for the less expensive one.


If you're an avid fan of multi-tasking and you're not the type who downloads Vampire Diaries over the internet, you might want to spring some money for a 2.5" SSD to replace your traditional hard drive. It might not have the capacity you want, but the speed at which you interact with the PC everyday is phenomenal.
Thanks! I'm happy to have saved over 10k on my laptop purchase. I don't mind having a heavy laptop since mine stays put in my table 80% of the time. I only need to carry it if ,I am transferring bedrooms (which rarely happens).

I am looking forward to downloading movies now, I never had the chance to do so because my previous laptop is only 80 gb. I am backing up my files now and it's only 7 gb

How about if I just purchase an external HD?