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    Jan 2009
    It was bound to happen. I just gave away my rather old Dell Latitude C610 laptop to my 7 y/o son because I promised it to him if he got good grades. Up until now, he's been sharing time using my main desktop where he has his own account. I just enabled Family Safety (not that good, btw) on that account.

    With the new laptop, it's going to stay in his room. Hence, our dilemma. As much as we (me and my wife) would want to sit besides him as he browsed the internet, we can't be there 100% of the time. So, I started searching for a way to make my son's online experience as safe as possible. That's when I stumbled upon KidZui (

    With KidZui, you download a small browser called "K2". It's free and was developed primarily by concerned parents so it is inherently safe. Test drove it for a couple of days before I finally decided it's exactly what I needed. You can set it to start at boot-up and in full screen. The program can be set to ask for the parent's password before the child is allowed to exit from it. You can also set the age and gender of your child so that search results are relevant to him or her. As a bonus, I also get an email report of which sites he'd been through, the games he's playing and even what he's searching for.

    If you're like me, you'd want your kids to experience the good side of the Internet without the trash. I recommend that you try this.
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    May 2006
    Thanks for sharing bro

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    Nov 2002

    thanks for sharing sir, my 5 year old daughter also has her own laptop. medyo mahirap nga talga i-monitor.

KidZui - Safe browser for kids