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    Oct 2002
    may wireless headset naman ang nokia ah! you can connect it via BT.

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    Dec 2003
    xda2 -globe sim
    n6230- sun sim

    hahaha dark force member pa din... hahahah

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    Feb 2004
    ok ba ang N6260? im planning to get one kasi.

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    Aug 2003
    109: i like it's small size, lightweight and the FM radio, it's fun pag nagja-jog/walk ako in the morning, iniipit ko lang between my brief and supporter, just wish nokia will come up with a wireless headphone for radio
    hmmm...mali yata. dapat malaking celfone, tapos ipitin mo sa harap ng shorts mo B). jk

    me irerelease daw ung nokia sa Q1 2005 ...the 6020. on paper ok sya -- at below 15k kuno

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    Sep 2003
    Originally posted by ssaloon
    may wireless headset naman ang nokia ah! you can connect it via BT.
    for call handling yes, pero for radio/MP3 wala pang wireless

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    Sep 2003
    badkuk, no need to make it look big hehehe cos IT REALLY IS :bwahaha:

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    Nov 2002
    my phone evolution ...

    bosch(free pa text ng globe)
    6150 (free pa din ang text ng globe, ala pang smart gold)
    6210 black(meron ng smart gold)
    6210 silver(di na free text ang globe)
    6210 chameleon(stolen!!! at my clinic, and im there when it was stolen, im so stupid!)
    SE T68i(stolen again in an encounter)
    8250(borrowed lang from a friend, temporary use kasi)
    7650 blue edition(sayang binenta ko to ok pa naman)
    7150(hiram uli from my sis in law)
    6230(i told myself it'll be my last phone, mahal kasi bill ko)
    7610(free from globe for good kaya eto nalang last phone ko)
    planing to buy cheaper phone 5110 or 3210 para sa SUN

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    Oct 2002
    Sa amin dalawa ni misis ito for US and Philippine use. .

    - Nokia 6600
    - Nokia 7650
    - Nokia 3650
    - Samsung D410
    - Samsung E800

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    Oct 2002
    DOuble post , mods please delete na lang , tnx !!
    Last edited by DSM619; November 7th, 2004 at 05:25 AM.

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    Dec 2003
    mdyo ot, sbi ng frend ko di daw pwede gamitin sun sim sa 5110, sumthing bout di daw kaya ng 5110 ang 64k sim ng sun?
    gs2 ko sana bumili 5110 for sun kc may antenna so assume ko mas lakas signal but sayang di daw pwede.

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