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    Jul 2004
    Originally posted by edzzz
    to sir glemaesj08

    does it happen when your connected to the internet and
    may error message ba na something like this:
    "NT authority
    save files, the computer will shotdown in 59 secs"

    go to this site:
    search for "worm"
    download the patch

    otherwise, be detailed about your problem, what was the last thing that will happen to your pc before it'll shutdown??
    no message displayed...totally shutdown....kaya di ko po malaman ang posible problem ng pc ko....

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by edzzz
    ang hirap namang isipin nito. You got to have all the compression and engineering required to come up with such technology.
    i think this is not possible, unless all telephone line are already FIBER OPTICS. its like bridging an elephant on a nylon wire!!!

    if this is not a scam, it is only a proxy software.

    sir PK alam ko may XP SP3 na ah?

    bro, even though it is a proxy software, it cant speed up your dial-up internet connection by almost 500%....

    tama si revogsx. malamang ganyan nga ang purpose nyan. tapos after nung launching nyan, puro spam na mailbox nyo.


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    Sep 2003

    better start a different topic para mas maraming makatulong..

    meron po virus pc ninyo...
    meron virus na nagte-take advantage sa SVCHOST.exe kaya nag-shutdown pc..

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    Oct 2002

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    Jul 2003
    bakit may mga ads pa dito ng juice sa tsikot? if spam ito or anu man... pakitanggal nalang, ayaw naman siguro natin na nagaadvertise tayo dito ng spam, virus or scam..

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2 mbps thru dial-up internet connection, possible?