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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by 4agze View Post
    when i was in phil. ive seen nissan cefiro and toyota crown they are RWD? why not use them for drifting VIP style
    The cefiros are being used by some for drift events.

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    Sep 2007
    rwd ang cefiro, pero yung model 90's na cefiro. may front na parang sa silvia s13. mahal ang bentahan nun ngayon kahit na luma na kasi rwd. ano makina nun?

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    Apr 2008
    magastos kasi ang drifting, iilan lang yonag maka afford..

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    Aug 2008
    hindi pa siguro.. medyo medyo lang.. hindi pa ganun ka exposed sa iba nating kababayan ang concept ng drifting.. mangilan-ngilan lang talaga ang nakakaintindi at nakakaunawa dito.. isali mo narin ang ilang namagmangha at bumibilib narin..

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    Oct 2006
    -_- please refrain from using text shortcuts or somebody will wtfpwn you(obviously not me).

    well anyway, downhill drift racing isn't viable in the country since roads are... you know what i mean. besides, most people can't afford replacing tires too often just for practice and the event itself.
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Jun 2008
    any motor sports are expensive, you'll brake parts, shred tires and more. you'll need to pay to play in motor sports, thats why i see more people in to show vs motor sports.

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    Dec 2007
    There is drift racing here in the Phils. DMF drift is the organizer, but it is not comparable to drifting in Japan and USA because of track limitations,we dont have a good track to do the real stuff. 2rd quarter of this year Clark eco zone was the venue but due to the distance not as many fans went there. The organizers have more exposure in Greenhills parking lot, understandable since they need sponsors. Drifting is serious stuff maintenance costs and skill, unlike drag the wear and tear is more for drifting,slaloms are in the mid range in terms of costs. There are some drift drivers here that are still learning but are too show off, thats what I see, it is better to hone their skills first, rather than replicate what they see in Japan USA drifts. I personally watched drifting in USA versus Japan, in California, for me it is the real stuff because they can give their best and to the cars limit.

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    Feb 2009
    This thread is really interesting. Uuwi ako sa Pinas hopefully this August and I want to be able to see the drifting dyan sa Pinas. I'm a drifter here sa California and I hope to be able to meet other tsikoteer drifters and see the drift scene there in the P.I.

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    Jun 2008
    Try R/C Drifting, mas mura pa kesa real thing. Pwede mo pa ibangga..

    mas grabe drift in Japan & US.. they enter some corners at break neck speeds, sometimes more than 100Kms, but still manage to control their cars even though they do it sideways.
    watch some vids & you'll see their speeds.

    Here in pinas, I agree with quality1st. Parang medyo exhibition lang muna dito ang drift.

    Regarding dun sa nissan 2door na RWD, I think its a 200SX sinasabi nyo. It was locally distributed here in the Philippines mga 1997-1998. saglit lang din bentahan. Saw some in the streets dati & even sa school namin last year, sporting an old plate #.

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    Sep 2007
    taga mapua ka di ba blizzard? may 200sx minsan na nagpapakita dun sa school natin dati. nakikita ko yun sa may tapat ng bookstore.

    locally distributed ba yun? i thought import yun 200sx/s14 silvia

Uso ba ang drift racing sa pinas?