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    Oct 2002
    are you going to bring your family? wife ko buntis, pwde ba sumama? baka matagtag ang tyan nya, wag nalang siguro.

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    Oct 2002
    andy naku wag!!! baka magpa anak si doc otep ng di oras he..he
    di pa pede sama anak ko 1 year old pa lang siya. mga tipong 4 or 5 pede he..he
    saka may walk din misis ko eh, pero sa nov 30 isasama ko wifey karen ko sa capas naman yun angeles 4 wheel club... saka na details dun

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    Oct 2002
    ang sipag nyo mag offroading a. ano naman ang tatahakin nyo sa capas? aakyatin nyo pinatubo?

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    Oct 2002
    capas is the easiest trail...
    never been there eh
    bat kasi wala si OLIVE DRAB dito...pakitawag ninyo naman siya he..he

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    Oct 2002
    hanggang what time kaya matatapos sa sunday?

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    Oct 2002
    Sayang lagi nalang akong wala dyan pag may ganyan na event...Uh kung dito lang sana yan sa Work Location ko mag sasawa tayo sa 4wd... lahat ng service namin kasi 4wd..bawal nag 2wdrive... Anyway guy enjoy nalang kayo and Have a Safe Journey

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    Oct 2002
    boybi 4pm tapos na,

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    Oct 2002

    7:00 Registration of 4x4 Vehicles * TOTAL SFP
    7:30 Meet with the Pampanga Off Roaders * San Jacinto Restaurant
    Briefing/ 4x4 Tips
    8:00 Take-off for Mancatian Point
    8:45 Regroup/Check vehicles at the Mancatian Point
    9:00 Take-off for Apu Gate (upstream of Amalyari Pasig-Potrero River)
    11:30 Arrival at Apu Amalyari Gate
    12:00 L U N C H / Fellowship
    1:30 Take Off for Mancatian Point
    3:30 Arrival at the Mancatian Point / END OF ACTIVITY

    -Ordinance Survey Maps
    -Vehicles should be well maintained, and all fluids checked and topped up, with battery and tires in good condition
    -Carry spare fuel in a approved container
    -First Aid Kit
    -Recovery rope/D shackles
    -Small Toolkit
    -Mobile Phone
    -Garbage Bag
    -Food & Drinks
    -Comfortable Footwear
    -Extra clothing pati briefs (the last time nag dip ako up to chest ang water (charap!!)

    -Never take personal souvenirs such as stalactites and stalagmites
    -Collect rubbish and carry it with you when you leave
    -Be quite as possible to avoid frightening the animals
    -Bring re-useable plastic cups and plates to keep your garbage to a minimum
    -Never vandalize
    -THUMBS UP-always keep your thumbs up and away from the steering wheel, its possible that your thumbs may be injured if the front wheelshit an obstacle, causing the wheel to spin violently in your hands.

    -AS LOW AS PRACTICAL AS FAST AS NEEDED- Take it easy and dont rush things. Its far easier to read the ground ahead if youre proceeding slowly. The exception is when a degree of momentum is required to carry the vehicle through, or up, some traction, or power sapping obstacle.

    UNDERSTAND YOUR VEHICLE- knowing your vehicles lowest point of clearance is usually the diff case- will help

    CROSSING SOFT GROUNDS-try to pick the best in line through. Use the highest gear in the low range, if wheel slip, blip the throttle, turning the front wheels from side to side to help find traction

    DRIVING ROUGH GROUND-keep speed to a mininum Be aware of the vehicle clearnce and watch out for ruts stumps and rocks.if necessary, drive wheels over obstacle to raise the vehicle over them.

    WATER FORDING-it is essential to check the depth of the water to be crossed. Ensure your exists is clear and easy to drive.Use low-range (first if practical, second if bed is soft), enter the water slowly, maintain speed steadily to build up bow wave, Once across remember braking efficency will be impaired until brakes dry out.

    When Driving off road, remember to always show consideration- for fellow travelers, whatever their means of transport, for local people, landowners and countryside in general.
    Treat everything you come across with utmost respect and think about everything you do, Most of all remember :if in doubt, DONT

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by afrasay
    Pls. bring FRS radios ea. Talkabouts, if you have. Otep and I have 1 pair ea. Could be handy for communication. Excited na ko. hehe 8)
    afrasay::: What is FRS radios? A 2 meter band radio? Pano po yung mga wala?

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    Oct 2002
    FRS radios are short range UHF 2 miles range sa flat terrain. I have two units si Otep mayroon din. I can lend one unit.

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OCTOBER 27, 2002 (SUNDAY)  Pampanga Off-roading na naman!