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    Oct 2002
    well, i watched the US GP...and it's nothing new - another day of dominance by Ferrari and another disappointing day for BMW Williams.

    as i was watching the red and yellow cars leave everyone behind, i couldn't help thinking about Schumacher...and how he will almost certainly be the most successful F1 driver in all of history when he finally retires.

    but why is he so successful this year? is it:

    his superior skill,
    the car
    or the fact that his competition sucks?

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    Oct 2002
    i guess it is a mix of all those things...

    car. you can't just attribute it on the car. doesn't sauber-petronas share the same engine and tranny with ferrari?

    you just have to admire the teamwork of the whole ferrari team. samples of these are when barichello blocks passers while schumi takes a pit.

    strategy. in the canadian gp - the victory was snatched by ferrari by only pitting 2 times! they may be losing time by driving around with full fuel loads but it paid off in the end.

    competition. i dont' think that the competition is going soft. it's just that their engines aren't up to the new "reliability" rules.

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    Oct 2002
    F1 is a 1-2 seconds sport.

    if your car has a difference of 2 seconds on the pack, rest assure of the constructor championship unless bad luck and crashes comes along the way.

    as for mclaren lets wait for the B version of the MP4-19

    as for Williams, both drivers are jusr eager for the next season GP (both drivers will not stay for williams)

    add: tire puncture causes the scary crash of ralf lastnight

    BAR is the only competitive right now,
    nagka cash flow sila nung umalis si high priced driver jacques villnueve he..he

    as for michael schumacher why is he so dominant???
    1. skills
    2. high budgeted team ergo wonderful car
    3. his team (precise pitstop anytime anywhere)

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    Oct 2002

    heard (3) yon daw ang parating practice ni Schumi

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    Mar 2004
    ibang klase talaga di schumi .... no fear ika nga ... ride like a sound sya...

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    Apr 2004
    You forgot to mention Scumy's also very well-motivated. After winning so many times, a lesser driver will have no more drive so to speak(think Mika). Not Schumy, he's still as determined as ever and with the right tools and skills, he's gonna keep on winning.

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    Oct 2002
    galing ng teamwork talaga ng ferrari...

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    Oct 2002
    I not discounting the fact, that someday may mag-publish ng book about the work ethics of this winning ferrari team...

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    Sep 2003
    he's the clear no. 1 driver of the team.. team orders are not allowed anymore but ferrari still treats him as their undisputed favored one... that's why many f1 fans refer to barichello as schumi's bitch...

    he admittedly has very good skills but he is also driving the best car on the grid for several years now...

    he is also a ruthless competitor to the point of being somewhat unfair... there are some incidents of him purposely crashing to another car in trying to win the championship... also, he sometimes does some crazy and dangerous moves to prevent others from overtaking him with the most recent one being at indy, one with barichello involved and another one with sato at the start...

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    Oct 2002
    i think you definitely cannot use the reason that his competition sucks in his earlier years, not while going up against the likes of Senna and Hakkinen.

    but today, i just feel that no one is up for the challenge - except for Montoya, who i think does it in a sometimes foolish manner.

    the car and the team also have a little bit to do with it...look at Barichello's success.

    i wonder what would happen if we put Kimi Raikkonen or Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari and Schumacher in a McLaren....that would be an interesting race :cool:

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