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    Jan 2003
    quoting Max Mosley. “By introducing the CDG wing we can give motor sport fans exactly what they have asked for, wheel-to-wheel racing with much more overtaking.

    You got that right!

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    Jan 2005

    they still need to bring back the multiple tires per race rule.

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    Oct 2002

    I also want to see those slick tires!!!

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    Sep 2003
    Im a bit dubious about that new CDG wing. Even if that central hollow does leave clean air at its wake, the car following behind has to position himself more or less at the centerline of the car he is following to achieve the benefits. If he moves from side to side ( in an attempt to overtake for example or unforced following a turn) he'll hit the turbulent air left over by the rear wing positioned on top of the lead car's rear tyres.
    That sudden disruption of air could lead to disastrous results.

    Again, I'll be convinced when it works for real and not just in somebody's CFD's simulations...

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    Jul 2005
    maka bili nga ng dalawa nito para sa torana ko..

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    Dec 2003
    Hindi ko gusto yung rear wing na yan..

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    Jun 2003
    you know, they reduce engine displacement to slow down cars but they introduce slicks? what the?

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by cardo
    you know, they reduce engine displacement to slow down cars but they introduce slicks? what the?
    reduction in engine displacement & configuration (from V10 to V8) isn't just about slowing down cars... but also to help "spill" F1 technology from the track to the street (and keeping costs manageable and more justifiable and part of their R&D program).

    like for the M5... no doubt that it got a lot of techie goodies from BMWs F1 experience. but as a V10, its application is limited to a few sportscars. while the V8 is more used.

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    Jun 2003
    hehehe I think the key word is "affordable f1 technologies" most f1 derived cars like mclarens and ferraris can only be bought by rich oil giant owners, CEO's and Jay Leno

    I'm just wondering from a racing point of view and from a safety perspective daw ng F1 since they are getting faster and faster... They raise the front wings, remove elements in the rear, smaller engines, but then they contradict this idea by allowing slick tires? hehehe I don't know... basta, sana maganda yun races next year!!! and hopefully another close rivalry like we had in 05 para exiciting
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