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    Jun 2008

    Okay boys and girls listen up! If you’re a Real Pinoy Car Enthusiast, I’m sure y’all know what Track Days, Drift Days, Run-What-You-Brung, Car Show Days, Yabangan Nights, and EB’s are. Well, this is neither of those. Or rather, it’s an aggregated version of all of those! Yes people, we beg to differ. Introducing,’s GYMKHANA DAZE – an EB + Track day happening on the 28th of November, 2010, at The Kings Playground, FTI.

    This is an inter-club EB where we’d like to develop camaraderie between Pinoy Car Enthusiasts. At the same time, a track day, where you can Run What You Brung and take it out for a spin! Literally!
    Whether your car is FWD, RWD, or AWD, mild, or wild, you’re more than welcome to join. And even if you’re a beginner, don’t fret! We’ll offer lessons too for an extra fee! So don’t just be a fan, get out there and do it yourself!

    The objective is for the participants to tackle the track within a set time limit (est. 2mins.) with either the most dazzling flair and style, or in a daze of speed. Your performance will be based on either on speed/time, or on entertainment, audience impact, visual appeal, and style. Or just get out there and have some fun!

    Go fast, look good, or have fun, it’s your car, your run, your call.
    Read on to see more details…

    The Kings Playground

    The Kings Playground is a (roughly) 17,000 sqm slab of cement. Majority of the surface is polished concrete, which makes it super tipid on the tires, and makes initiating drifts and handbrake turns super easy! To give you some perspective on how tipid this track is on your tires, a lot of drifters who can burn their tires in only a few runs have been going to The Kings Playground with the same set of tires for the past 3 weeks! Beat that!

    What Car Can Do This?

    Here’s a teaser video, just to show you that any kind of car, stock or modified, whether front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, or all-wheel-drive can do this.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Gymkhana Daze Teaser[/ame]

    (Video footage by yours truly; edited and mixed by CPR guys)

    I guess it’s pretty clear by now what we mean by “DAZE”. Whether you dazzle in speed, or in style, it’s all about doing it your way. And of course, we also meant daze = days.


    Mild (Beginners/Novice)
    - FWD
    - N/A – RWD/AWD
    - Turbo – RWD/AWD
    Wild (Experienced/Pros)
    - FWD
    - N/A – RWD/AWD
    - Turbo – RWD/AWD
    7am – 3:30pm
    Sunday, 28-November-2010
    Parking Fee – P50
    Track Fee – P500
    Lessons – P12k per half day (car included), or P6k per half day if using your car.

    For any questions or concerns, feel free to ask away on the comments section below. You can also email us at custompinoyrides*, or sms via 0923-2575888.



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    Jul 2009
    Okay to . Nice Video.

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    Jun 2008
    Thanks! BUMP!

    This is gonna be an awesome event!!!

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    Apr 2009
    Hi guys! Please fill-out the pre-registration form. This is gonna be a big event! Those who want to ride shotgun in drift cars are welcome too, as we'll have a group of drift cars there. See you!

    Pre-register here:

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    Apr 2009
    Update: We'll be having what we'd like to call "SHOTGUN DORIFTO", where you get a chance to ride shotgun in the passenger seat of a drift car (limited seats and for a fee P150 only per lap). And for the early birds, Ian King can sit beside you in your car for 1 lap as you go around the track and give driving tips! Limited seats as well. So come early, bring the family, and enjoy the fun!!!

    Pre-register here:

CPR: Gymkhana Daze