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    Oct 2002
    After a six year absence from Formula One, slick tyres could make a return in 2004 if Bernie Ecclestone has his way.

    In an attempt to reduce speeds slicks were dropped from the sport in favour of grooved tyres at the end of the 1997season, however F1's supremo has called for their return.

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    Oct 2002
    The grooved tyres failed to bring anything:

    - doesn't show the logic of improving safety.
    - failed to improve competition.
    - failed the point to reduce cost because grooved tires actually don't last as long as slicks.
    - plus the tire war spoiled any small possibility of leveling the playing field.

    So I'm absolutely positive about the return of slicks. But more should be done if they really want to make it exciting - get rid of electronic devices and limit aerodynamics.

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    Oct 2002
    wana make it more exciting? yap, get rid of electronic aids, TC, and bring back the manual gear selection. It will definitely separate the men from the boys!

Bernie wants slicks for 2004!!!