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    Sep 2003
    1. Kimi Raikkonen
    2. Giancarlo Fisichella
    3. Fernando Alonso

    What a race! Exciting hanggang last lap...
    lupit ni Kimi...

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    Nov 2002
    Kimi is so damn good. He really deserved to be World Champion. This was also the best victory of his career having to start from the back of the grid.

    I didn't quite see Montoya's incident but when it involved Villeneuve, I'm pretty sure he drove like an *$$ again, having some sort of grudge against the Columbian during their Williams heyday. Sato also performed yet another Harakiri move on Trulli, destroying his car in the process. A similar incident happened in Belgium where he took out Michael Schumacher, resulting to the German's rage, confronting the Japanese and slamming his helmet visor. This guy is quick but really careless. His roughness may have been a ticket out of BAR as Barrichello replaces him. He has only scored a single point so far.

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    Sep 2003
    Two Thumbs up kay KIMI :jump2: :cool:

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    May 2005
    sobrang lupit talaga ni raikkonen

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    May 2005
    This Japanese Grand Prix is probably the most exciting race this season, second only to the Nurburgring Grand Prix where Kimi Raikkonen crashed spectacularly at the tire wall just barely 1 mile from the checkered flag due to suspension failure.

    By the way, Takuma Sato was disqualified from the race after he crashed his Honda into Jarno Trulli. I agree that Sato has to go next season.

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    Oct 2002
    hay...1pm pala...i was out the whole day..wala bang replay?

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    Oct 2002
    aba nakasingit pa sa podium si Fisi, hehe

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    Mar 2003
    muntik pa si fisi nanalo sa last lap na lumampas si kimi.
    bakit ang bagal ng ferrari?

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    Jun 2003

    Naku! You missed a spectacular overtaking by Kimi!!!! a brave brilliant last lap overtaking maneuver to win the race from the 17th position!!! whew...

    Grabe ang talento ng taong ito!!! I can't really say anything else. Napaiyak pa si ron dennis hahaha. Sure Alonso overtook schumi twice and another on Webber, but KIMI IS THE BEST!!! He was just fantastic, brilliant and brave. When I learnt he had a 10 grid engine penalty sabi ko wala na to, then during the qualifying heavy rain started to pour. But aint nothing can ever stop this guy from adversity. The last time I got this excited was Mika's overtaking move on Schumi in spa 2000. This tops it all!!! Last Lap, all or nothing baby. Sad to say, Alonso is champion only by the numbers....

    I never even thought Kimi could win. Top 3 was good. 19 laps to go fisi was 16 secs ahead, kimi bunched up by button and webber, not to mention how much time he was behind a ferrari.

    Etong si Alonso, sourgrapping pa. He said he could've beaten Kimi if not for wrong strategy well... maybe next time hehehe. To Fisi, I think lahat na ng kamalasan ng renault nangyari sa kanya and then he just got posterize by Kimi... poor guy

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    May 2005
    If the numbers will speak for itself, Kimi Raikkonen should actually be the World Champion this 2005 season. Kimi actually won more grand prix than Alonso. You also have to consider that during the times when Alonso was raking in points, Raikkonen was actually DNF all that time - meaning his Mercedes was to blame. Pero kung pure driving lang ang pag-uusapan, which is what the Driver's Championship trophy was all about, Kimi would have won hands down. This is not to say that Alonso is an undeserving driver.

    The biggest loser of this Japanese Grand Prix was Ralf Schumacher. Pole position who ended with 1 point. It turned out that Ralf's Toyota had an extremely light fuel load during qualifying that's why he was the fastest and took the pole. But his 3-stop gas strategy was a fiasco. It's safe to say that his Toyota Team strategists were to blame for his dismal finish.

    This Japanese Grand Prix is indeed a classic. Wall-to-wall action down the wire. This actually sets up the stage for the final SHANGHAI GRAND PRIX next week, where the Constructor's Championship will be a winner-take-all between McLaren and Renault.

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2005 Japanese GP