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    Quote Originally Posted by tabularasa View Post
    I doubt if that magic will work. Please remember that Gordon was part of the administration ticket. Please also remember the massive fraud committed by the administration in 2004 election in Mindanao. It is not unlikely that he got some votes from them (not personally aware though but just wild guesswork)
    that MAGIC may work; just believe

    Almost all Presidentiable candidates are part of the Administration ticket

    how sure are you that Gordon, wont have the votes in Mindanao?
    some Mindanao folks would even want to vote for Gordon to bring and boost tourism in their place; remember there are places in Mindanao that needs to be discovered yet....

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    Jan 2007

    [SIZE=3]Gordon goes ballistic during interview, slams rivals[/SIZE]

    By Cathy C. Yamsuan
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 03:03:00 04/20/2010

    MANILA, Philippines—Apparently fed up with forecasts that he would lose the presidential race, Sen. Richard Gordon went ballistic during a live interview Monday by taking potshots at rivals who are ahead of him in the surveys.

    “Even if you put together the accomplishments of [Senators Manuel] Villar and [Benigno] Noynoy [Aquino III], they are nothing compared to what Gordon has done,” the Bagumbayan standard-bearer declared on “Headstart with Karen Davila” aired over ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC).

    “Has Noynoy addressed the issues in Hacienda Luisita? So why is he running? Because Mommy died. Because Daddy died. So what? Are we voting on the basis of bloodline? Pedigree? Excuse me,” he fumed in Filipino and English.

    Aquino, standard-bearer of the Liberal Party and consistent front-runner in presidential surveys, is the only son of the late President Corazon Aquino and former Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr., who is regarded by many as the fallen hero who fought the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

    Turning his attention to Villar, Gordon recalled that the Nacionalista Party presidential candidate promised to eradicate poverty.

    “Excuse me, even Jesus Christ was not able to put a stop to poverty. [Villar] was Senate President, he was Speaker of the House [of Representatives]. Was he even able to begin the end of poverty?”

    Gordon’s tirade began when news program host Davila read a comment from a viewer who said although Gordon was competent, he’s not going to win. (“Magaling siya, kaya lang hindi mananalo.”)

    “What does that say about our people? If you don’t have principles, if you vote for the incompetent ones … It’s the fault of these stupid surveys,” he said.

    Gordon vowed to go after Pulse Asia and the Social Weather Stations, whose regular updates on the presidential race always showed him a dismal fifth following Aquino, Villar, former President Joseph Estrada and former Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro.

    Then he trained his guns on Davila’s network, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

    “I’m asking ABS-CBN right now, why did you stop your presidential debates? Is it because Villar and Noynoy refused to participate? In America, when a candidate refuses to engage in a debate, it means he is hiding something. So when Villar walks out on a debate, that’s the same thing he’d do when he becomes president, when he is investigated just like [President] Gloria [Macapagal-Arroyo].”

    Gordon said the network’s compliance with his leading rivals “shows lack of character, not just a tint of bias but a huge color of bias.”

    He insinuated that the compliance could have stemmed from pressure from Aquino’s sister, Kris, who is among the most popular celebrities being handled by the network.

    Gordon said it was also possible that the Lopez family that owns ABS-CBN would accommodate the Aquinos since it was during the time of President Aquino when it got back the station from the government.
    FWIW, I think Gordon is the best candiate. But the survey...

    And I can't vote.

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    Jan 2009
    Wow as in WOW ang laki ng EGO ni Gordon. Lahat mali maliban sa kanya!

    Still NO to DICK. Nakita naman sa character pagkatapos ma realize na magiging talunan siya.

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    Mar 2010
    One thing he failed to learn despite his accomplishments in life is the virtue of humility. He should know when to have a graceful exit in a losing situation. People will praise you more for being a true and distinguished statesman.

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    Sep 2009
    Yes I'll vote for Dick Gordon... Definitely...

    If Dick's EGO will turn our country upside down, then so be it. Our country is not in the position to have a leader who has no EGO... not in the position to have leaders that shows they care about the poor, not in the position to have a leader that shows they will be the saviour... What we need is a leader in ACTION.

    Masyado tayo ma-emote.. Kampante na tayo sa pa-cool cool effect na leader, pa-pogi, pa-awa style, pa-Masa... tsk tsk...

    Hindi ba tayo natutuwa na may tao na sobra taas ng EGO nya to serve his country... Ma-aaring yung impression sa kanya eh sya lang lagi tama... Pero d kaya dahil Tama talaga sya sa mga bagay na sinasabi nya kaya ganun ang tingin natin? Panget ba na ang leader mo Tama lagi ang tingin nya at maayos para sa bansa mo?

    yup humility is a virtue... ewan ko lang kung ma-iaahon ng HUMILITY na yan ang Pililipinas...

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    Jan 2003
    After watching his interview at ANC and at DZMM, I started to like the guy.... I am amused with his expose and his antics and his straightforwardness.... I also like his Idea of this "mega-manila". That would be good for the businesses in our place...

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    Jul 2009
    ^ that's good bro.

    regarding the karen davilla interview, ego or no ego, i think he was hitting the mark. sa totoo lang, alam naman natin na me katotohanan malamang yung mga sinabi nya. kalimutan natin ang pagiging "hollier than thou" at "politically correct" ek-ek, isn't he just telling the truth, or at best his honest observation of how circus-like this whole campaign period has been by the candidates he mentioned? to me, he had the guts to speak his mind on what he thinks is not proper regardless of who ever shall be offended... and i take it as a positive sign.

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    yes sir! definitely Gordon for President!!!!

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    Mar 2010
    To Take A Stand -- By Oscar P. Lagman, Jr. Business World 4/20/2010

    The person who gets my vote

    "Richard Gordon had demonstrated during his stint in various government positions that he is the kind of politician spawned during the martial rule of Marcos, to whom he remained loyal up to the end.

    "He was one of the rah-rah boys of the 1973 constitution dictated by Marcos, but he campaigned all over the country against the 1987 Constitution drafted by men and women of probity and independence.

    "He governed Olongapo City the way Imelda Marcos governed Metro Manila, highlighting only the good and the beautiful, hiding the bad and the ugly. When Father Shay Cullen, a Columban missionary, exposed the presence in Olongapo City of a child prostitution syndicate that offered children to US Navy personnel, Mayor Gordon dismissed the exposure as a mere publicity stunt of the priest.

    "If there is an expert on publicity stunts, it is Gordon. He was not an Ateneo cheerleader and Procter & Gamble brand manager for nothing. To gain the sympathy of the people after President Estrada had dismissed him as Subic Bay administrator, he staged a melodramatic meeting of the marches he and his wife led separately, in obvious imitation of the Easter Sunday Catholic rite Salubong.

    "Ngayon lang! Napa WOW Philippines ang buong mundo," crowed the Department of Tourism ad when Gordon was the secretary. Among those cited in the ad as having wowed the whole world were the placement of the WOW Philippines advertisements in CNN and BBC; the installation of a system that facilitates identification and apprehension of taxi drivers guilty of crime against tourists; the awards the country won in a tourism fair in Berlin such as "Best Booth," "Best Marketing Effort," and "Best TV/Video Advertising Campaign"; and Gordon’s election as chair of PATA and chair of the Commission for East Asia of the World Tourism Organization.

    "When you compare what a previous secretary of Tourism and his undersecretaries had done in Corregidor with what Gordon had done in Intramuros, you would be convinced that Gordon is just all hype. His campaign symbol of beating his breast with his fist is most appropriate for him.

    "His overbearing posture in televised forums gives us a glimpse of the kind of president he would be. And he complains when his campaign sorties are not covered by media. His patronizing stance toward media people turns them away. He blew his top at the Iloilo airport when the public address system announcing the arrival and departure of flights drowned his voice.

    "His releasing the Blue Ribbon Committee’s final report on the Fertilizer Scam only after it became known he was not Lakas-KAMPI’s presidential candidate smacked of Machiavellian moves. Gordon has vowed to go after GMA if he becomes president. I am sure he would for having been passed over by GMA, but he cannot because his persona will prevent him from ever becoming president."

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    Jul 2009
    ^ and here we go again.... hayyyyyy

Will you VOTE for Dick Gordon as RP President?