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    then what the consumers should do is strive harder to improve their competitiveness so they can keep up with the rising cost of living.

    Just like organisms in nature have to adapt to the changing environment to survive.


    You are competing with six and a half billion other similar organisms for survival.

    Those six and a half billion other organisms need the same things u need to survive.

    To remain competitive, u have to constantly adapt, constantly improve...

    Like it or not, that's the natural way of things.

    Darwinian natural selection applies to us too... not just plants and animals.

    We may have created institutions to protect the weak...

    But those institutions cannot prevent the strong from getting stronger.

    So even if we have institutions, we cannot entirely depend on them to defend us from predators.

    We have to learn to be more competitive, to adapt faster to the ever-changing environment.
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    Sep 2008
    ang pinagtataka ko baket kelangan pang mag maka awa ng malacañang para magbaba ng presyo ang Big Three..samantalang pag sa kabulastugan e maski buking na buking pilit na itinatama...ang alam ko nasa gobyerno din naka upo ang mga stakeholders ng mga big three e or mga kamag anakan nila...kaya ang kawawa??? sila ULS at Sarsi hehehe...kawawa sila kase di nila alam kung saang bulsa ilalagay ang kinita nilang dugo at pawis ng pobre pinoy..

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    Some posters here talk about free market as if it is literally free. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    Thing is, there is no free market. Even the US markets, supposedly the freest in the world, are regulated. There are policies, rules and regulations that must be followed. The term free market/ laissez faire is an abstract, a utopian invention. Even players in the securities market regulate themselves.

    Survival of the fittest? Baloney. It applies only to animals, beings which do not have the rational ability to think the way humans do. Animals don't codify their rules, write it in stone and impose it on the rest of the populace. Humans have evolved to a better plane. That's why there is the Securities Regulations Code, the Corporation Code, the Revised Penal Code and Civil Code, and numerous other laws which corporations have to follow. The day chimpanzees and orangutans commit price gouging and profiteering will mark the end of the world.

    Anyway, I've had enough of this. Karma na lang siguro ang aabutin ng mga oil companies na yan.
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    Feb 2008
    To all the people who complain on the prices:

    Mag rally na nga lang kayo or boycott or do something you think that serves your interest. Basta ako tuloy ang buhay And I stand firm on the free markets even if the suppliers control the supply and even for gas. And yes I am immoral to believe survival of the fittest even for humans but at the end of the day the world has limited amounts of everything. Now I have said my piece I will allow you to argue as for me you won't be able to pursuade me to change my thinking.

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    Nov 2007
    hay, survival of the fittest at the cost of other lives
    tsk tsk tsk tsk human instinct very greedy

    kayang kaya nila mag taas ng 2 piso pero di nila kayang magbaba ng 2 piso

    sasabihin nila para daw minsanan ang pagtaas,

    di ko talaga makuha logic neto

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    Nov 2005
    Survival of the fittest doesnt apply to people?

    Explain that to the guy who has no education, no skills and no connections...

    tell him why naghihirap sya...

    The reason why other people are better off than him is coz other people have knowledge, special skills, and connections that gave them the opportunity to make a lot money.

    He doesnt have knowledge, special skills, or connections. He is unfit. He can't compete. He can't make it in this world.

    So he goes to the government to ask for help. He becomes the government's problem.

    I just described 20%-30% of the country's population.

    That's why govt resources are strained.

    Much of govt spending goes to social welfare (aside from paying debt).

    Hindi survival of the fittest yan?


    that's why education is important.

    that's why learning a skill... becoming an expert in something is good.

    that's why knowing the right people is very helpful...

    do everything u can to improve your chances of survival.

    Coz 6.5 billion other people are competing with you.
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    Sep 2008
    ..These oil companies should heed the call of the government especially NEDA...

    ...Angelo Reyes should be castigated for not forcing the issue...

    ...NEDAs calculation is already a fool proof evidence that these oil companies are already should I say profiteering at the expense of the Filipino people...

    ...I hope the next administration should punish these oil companies...

    ...perhaps by scrapping or fine tuning the oil deregulation law...

    ...or tax them on excess profits....

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    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    To all the people who complain on the prices:

    Mag rally na nga lang kayo or boycott or do something you think that serves your interest. Basta ako tuloy ang buhay And I stand firm on the free markets even if the suppliers control the supply and even for gas. And yes I am immoral to believe survival of the fittest even for humans but at the end of the day the world has limited amounts of everything. Now I have said my piece I will allow you to argue as for me you won't be able to pursuade me to change my thinking.

    I think no one is persuading you to change your position.

    indeed, if people feel to protest let them.

    if they want to boycott ,let them

    good, ituloy mo ang iyong buhay...

    ...and let the guys here say their own piece against these greedy oil firms...

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    Nov 2005
    eh di tong mga to pala e mahihirap ding makaintindi? sana if ever matupad ang malaking rollback eh matuwa rin kayong mga nakakaintindi kung bakit di dapat mag rollback ng biglaan...pesteng rollback to oh pagulung gulong

    Rollbacks not enough – Palace
    By Marvin Sy
    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Malacañang called on oil firms yesterday to stop making rollbacks in small installments and implement one rollback of a sizeable amount, now that world oil prices have gone down significantly.

    Press Secretary Jesus Dureza said computations by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) indicated that the price of diesel should now be P35.32 per liter, while gasoline should be about P40.95 per liter, given the world market price of $70 per barrel.

    “From the computations of many of us in government, it appears that there is a need for a hefty, somewhat sizeable rollback rather than in installments,” he said in Filipino.

    Dureza said world oil prices have gone down from $140 per barrel to $70 per barrel so oil firms should adjust their rollbacks accordingly.

    “We appreciate this but perhaps they can roll back some more because it is not proportionate (to the decline in world oil prices),” he said.

    “So we expect that the oil companies will respond to this and of course the market forces will be a very big factor in the determination of the price level.”

    Five of the country’s oil firms implemented a P1 rollback yesterday for gasoline and diesel.

    However, pump prices remain way above the projections made by the NEDA and consumer groups.
    Probe their books – Mikey

    Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo wants the government to look into the books of accounts of oil companies, particularly the so-called Big 3 to reveal their multi-billion-peso profits.

    In a statement, the eldest son of President Arroyo insisted on the examination even if the price of crude oil in the global market has decreased to as low as $70 per barrel.

    “Other agencies like the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs can check on the financial status of the oil companies, particularly the big players,” he said.

    Arroyo, House committee on energy chairman, issued the statement following reports the oil companies have consistently refused to reduce the prices of gasoline and diesel.

    “If findings show excessiveness in the profit of oil companies, then there is a need to legislate a law to address the issue, but not necessarily to amend or repeal the Oil Deregulation Act,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Speaker Prospero Nograles said yesterday the latest P1 cut in the prices of gasoline and other oil products is too small and rates should be reduced by at least P7 per liter.

    Since the price of crude oil in the world market has continually fallen from a peak of $147 per barrel to $64, local prices should return at least to the January 2008 levels, he added.

    Nograles said although the price of crude in January was $87.19 per barrel, the exchange rate was P40.94 to the dollar.

    “The pricing discrepancy is just too big and absolutely unreasonable. We deserve more price reduction,” he said.

    Today, the price of crude is $64 while the value of the peso has deteriorated to about P48 to the dollar, he added.

    Nograles warned oil companies that the House energy committee chaired by Representative Arroyo would inquire into their profits once Congress resumes session on Nov. 10.

    Lawmakers would not hesitate to consider imposing a windfall profit tax on oil firms if the inquiry finds out that they are raking in unreasonable amounts of earnings, he added.

    Nograles said he could not understand why small industry players could make a P2-per-liter reduction, while Petron, Shell and Caltex cut prices only by P1.

    “The situation is a world turned upside down. You have small oil distributors who don’t even have their own oil fields and refineries but who can afford to cut prices by P2, and you have these big multinationals that can give up only a P1 reduction,” he said.

    “It’s too obvious that we are getting the short end of the stick here. The latest P1 rollback is not enough considering that world market prices are now more than 50 percent lower.”
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    survival of the fittest?
    shouldn't we be helping each other out rather than competing? Shouldn't we be complementing our strengths to address the weaknesses? after all we are all stewards of this world's resources....oil included.

    i hope the discerning people do concrete action on this.