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    Nov 2005

    “Ako talaga hindi natutuwa (Definitely, I am not pleased),” President Aquino said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver1013 View Post
    In case of all out war, meron na bang ready info of our forces vs the enemy, parang boksing baga. Number of enemy soldiers vs our standing army, weapons at the disposal of both forces. Leadership experience of commanders of both sides. Estimated expenses for our army for a long guerilla warfare vs source of income din ng kalaban. What will be the long term effect on the local population, the general population of the Philippines in case kailanganin ng more budget to fuel the war effort, siempre ibabawas yan sa ibang sektor. And just in case we win dapat may follow thru ang gobyerno sa area na yun, kung hindi meron at meron ding susunod na ganun din ang takbo ng utak kung ang problema hindi na sosolve.
    Regarding field intelligence, well...the PA Special Forces should have been briefed properly regarding terrain, number of enemy forces (hard or soft targets), method of extraction, etc.

    Sadly, it was amateur night for their commanding officers.

    PNoy better do something fast (read: MEASURED RETALIATION) because this will test his mettle as Commander-in-Chief of the AFP.

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    ang babata ng mga opisyal na namatay. fresh grads ng pma.
    PMA? Magaling lang pagdating sa Coup d'etat.

    Sa labanan, BOBO at MAHINA.

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    Oct 2002
    You gotta wonder, no one, not even Muslim civic groups are coming out to protest the killing of these soldiers.

    Jeez. Why are we even talking peace with the MILF? For me, you can only talk peace when you have the upper hand against the enemy. That way, you have more leverage in setting the terms. You can never negotiate peace based on a stalemated conflict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andywesteast View Post
    The Philippine Armed Forces are not very good.

    Malaysia finished off their Insurgency in 3 years.
    Business yang giyera e.

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    Nov 2007
    malambot tlaga si Pnoy..

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    Nov 2005
    malambot talaga

    Aquino disappointed with military

    “Nobody gets any benefit from war,” President Aquino said.
    if PNoy lead Israel, there will be no more Israel

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    Sep 2003
    aba eh kung kay erap nangyari yan....all out war na.

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    Oct 2002
    Saw an article on the Philippine Star website where it said "Aquino will not declare an 'all out war' with the MILF over the incident".

    If he doesn't do anything, even a measured response versus the MILF, he'll be perceived as weak and unworthy of being a commander-in-chief by ordinary soldiers.

    Your soldiers have died fighting, Mr. President. They would've died for nothing if all you do is discuss what happened in Al Barqa, Basilan by committee. Whatever medals you pin on their coffins won't mean s#it if you don't handle this right.

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    May 2006
    Di kaya natatakot siya kasi pag ginera ang mga yan baka magpadala ng mga terrorista sa manila para mag retaliate? Mall and bus bombings?

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Philippine Army SF unit ambushed vietcong style in Mindanao