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    Aug 2005
    Parliament federal or ano pang klaseng type of government kung meron opposition and administration pareho lang yan coz same politician same kawatan pa rin! all of this stupid ideas are not for the people kung para sa personal interest ng bweshit na mga politiko!

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    Jun 2005
    Maganda rin yung Parliament system para hindi masyadong nakokontra yung mga bills na pinapasa. Masyado kasing divisive yung setup ng government natin ngayon. Masyadong powerful yung mga senador. Kapag ayaw nila, especially kung politically-motivated yung issue, papatayin nila yung bill na pinasa ng Lower House. Ang sama pa nito, karamihan sa mga Senador natin ngayon eh hindi naman yung mga matatawag mong "wise elders" tulad ni Jinggoy, Bong Revilla.....

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    Aug 2005
    Stateman ang kailangan sa Senate hindi Stuntman!! yes most of our present senators di nila alam bakit na sa senate sila. Nakakahiya!

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by BoyFerrari
    Ano kaya kung maging Prime Minister si Miriam Defensor-Santiago? Ang lakas niyang sumipsip kay GMA lately eh, pansin nyo ba?

    Malamang! Yan ang sukli ng pag-sipsip niya kay GMA.

    He-he! Meron na tayong PM....... Praning Minister!

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    Oct 2002
    let's just put it this way...right now, pag election, politicians buy each vote for P500...kung matuloy ang parliamentary form,how many zeros do you have to add to that 500 when they buy the votes of the members of parliament?wala na common tao sa equation, it will be vote-buying on a scale we have not seen before!besides, a parliamentary government only works w/ at least 2 parties w/ strong ideologies...e dito sa atin pa-define mo idealogy sa ating mga dakilang tong-gressman & senators you'll be lucky to get a coherent answer, never mind a correct one...sorry guys, i'm sick & tired of all the crap they've been coming out with, i even cancelled my newspaper subscription...

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    Aug 2005
    Me too Im tired of watching and reading about the clowns in the congress and the senate also the jokers in malacanang. Word war dito word war doon, walang me namamatay sa word war!

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    Sep 2003
    balls she si the result of EDSA 2 hanggat nariyan sya di huhupa ang kalagayan ng politka sa pinas

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    Mar 2005
    right wing groups -> civilian military junta
    left wing groups -> communism/socialism
    FVR/De Venecia/GMA Group -> parliamentary system
    opposition groups -> remove incumbent, position them then continue the cycle of old system
    senators/USA -> retain old bicameral, 3-system judicial, legislative, executive na existing na since 1986

    san kayo?

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    Jan 2005
    Di pa kayo nadala kay GMA!!

    Sinungaling siya parang si Miriam.

    She is into patronage politics where she's in bed with anyone who can help her stay in power.

    I remember an editorial column I read in the Inquirer where the writer says that what we need right now is a pilot who will lead the Philippines and our government to our fullest potential. Unfortunately, GMA, instead of being our pilot, is like a stewardess who is taking care of the passengers in the plane, which are the politicians. She is busy trying to please all the politicians and all those who she has politican favors to that nobody is piloting our plane. Nobody is in the cockpit!!!!!

    I think this is a very apt description of what is happening to us.

    Very sad for us hard working filipinos who is striving very hard to provide for our family.

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