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    Apr 2006
    dapat si bin laden mahuli na bago mamatay.

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    Oct 2002
    if bushy-bushy has a hand in this, kung makakausap ko lang sya, i would ask him to reconsider...why?

    i would like to tell him to take a look at history.. gen mcarthur then pardoned the emperor of japan from a sure death penalty because of the destruction during WWII. what was mcarthur's reason for that? he was really sure na magkakagulo sa japan dahil the japanese treat their emperor as a god... dami supporters, ika nga...

    not sure with iraq, but i think around 2/3 or the iraqi population still support saddam. so lalo ng hindi natapos yung insurgency dun.

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    Sep 2003
    If the majority wants to reconsider Sadam's death penalty, sama na lang sila ni Erap sa Tanay. He-he!

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    Jun 2006
    and justice for all! saddam had it coming

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    Oct 2002
    I wonder if the Kuwaitis are partying.

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    The verdict on Saddam does not shout justice, it shouts
    justification. It means to justify the American occupation of Iraq,
    notwithstanding the deception it was founded on, by reminding the
    world what a bastard Saddam is. And what a service Bush did the world
    by invading his country, raining bombs as smart as Bush is on the
    residents of Baghdad, and unleashing policies of mass destruction on
    a world the American Caesar (of the Las Vegas variety) barely
    understands and a people he couldn't care about. Of course, Saddam is
    a bastard. But there's a bigger bastard halfway across the globe, and
    there's no court trying him.

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by onat_1 View Post
    IMO death by hanging is not justified sentence for saddam,one time lang sya mag hirap once nag snap leeg niya tapos na,pano na yung mga pinahirapan by torture?ang dapat slow death like tusukan ng mga karayom sa main artery nya na equivalent ng mga naging victims ng crime nya,tapos small dose of cyanide every morning habang nag sosorry sa mga families ng mga victims nya.
    Dude death by hanging is the most humiliating way to be executed(lalo na pag military officers or leaders). It can also last from 15mins to 30mins of struggling, just like some of the condemned men in the nuremburg trials WWII. Some even **** in their pants. Death by hanging is considered fit for criminals only. Well as far as world opinion is concerned he is a criminal.

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Death by Hanging for Saddam