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    Jul 2009
    ang labo naman kase... presidents nominate/appoint SC justices

    tapos co-equal branches?

    independent of each other?

    somethings wrong with logic, imho.

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    Oct 2002
    ^as for the arroyo's they also playing the media..they are trying to get public sympathy..problema mas maraming galit sa kanila, laya back fire din yun drama nila

    weather-weather lang talaga. ganito rin nangyari kay ERAP eh. pagkaiba lang sila GMA et al ang nagpapakulong...

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    Sep 2003
    Why criticize the SC if their GMA appointees? Under law, the President, whether real or otherwise; have that prerogative. 3 of those who dissented the TRO are PNoy appointees. Majority will eventually be PNoy appointees when his term ends... Why don't they simply change that law?

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by jansky View Post
    uy di ako maka GMA ha .. pero kung pagbabasehan ang law ano nga ba ang tama

    sana kasi noon pa nag file ng kaso para di nakahanap ng butas si GMA ngayon

    pero up to now wla pa formal na kaso na naisampa.

    ngayon mas mataas ba si De Lima kaysa sa SC?

    just asking peeepzz.. mga lawyer dyan labas labas na kayo para maliwanagan
    Problem is railroaded ang TRO. Wala atang oral argment if my memory serves me right. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    All of those who voted in favor of the TRO are actually GMA's appointee. And Corona???

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    Jun 2005
    The objectionable part of the SC's move is that they issued a TRO that may cause irreparable injury to the Filipino people without listening to the arguments on both sides. The TRO will allow Arroyo to leave permanently.

    Why didn't Corona and his Court cohorts rule on the constitutionality of the WLO first before allowing Arroyo to leave? To paraphrase a famous saying: There's no use closing the barn door when the horse has already bolted. Corona and his cohorts clearly want to allow the horse to bolt before they decide whether the barn door should be closed or not.

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by marg View Post
    Supreme Court justices are for sale. Just ask Lucio Tan and Estelito Mendoza.
    :exclaim: FTW!!!

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    May 2006
    Diba may argumento si Erap dati nung napalitan siya, unconstitutional daw yun? Actually ang rason dun nawala supporta ng militar sa kanya at PNP. So pinaka mataas hindi Supreme court, kundi military

    Or to put it bluntly, the military supports whatever a group of a thousand or so people who converges in the corner of Edsa and Ortigas voices out.

    So walang SC, SC, buo ka grupo mga sanglibo at least, punta ka sa robinsons galleria, get enough momentum, till the military is in your side, bingo..wala nang constitution constitution, supreme court supreme court.

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    Sep 2003
    GMA is afterall publicly prejudged c/o PNoy vendetta. Remember that a GMA great escape is a BIG IF... In the PNOY's law, it is better to presume a crime yet to be commited, it is for GMA to prove otherwise. I wonder how will GMA look in orange w/ the kneck brace... and if PNoy will let her stay in a hospital arrest like ERAP.

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    Sep 2007
    Tama yun sinabi ni Escudero. Dapat talaga kinasuhan na nila noon yang si GMA para walang ligtas. Eh hindi pa naman nila kinakasuhan formally sa courts eh. Puro lang naman trial by publicity ang ating student council government. Ngayon, nakahanap ng bala si GMA laban sa kanila kaya watch out lang ngayon ang student council, lalo na si matabil-bil na madaldal na De Lima.

    Nabasa ko rin sa FB ang post ni Atty. Raymond Fortun, na no matter what is the decision of the court, he as an officer of the law should abide to it. Hindi na question dito kung sino nagluklok sa SC, ang mahalaga dito, sundin ang decision.

    SC > DOJ


    De Lima > SC?


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    Nov 2007
    pero sa ginagawa ni De Lima pde daw mag file ng political asylum si GMA sa ibang bansa

    From Atty. Raymond Fortun

    I never liked the Arroyo's. They trumped up the charges against Erap so they can seize power illegally. People don't know this, but the Erap camp was told that he would be convicted and THEN pardoned --- in OCTOBER 2003 or more than 3 years before he was IN FACT convicted and pardoned. Incidentally, all those justices (except 1) who convicted him were appointed to the Supreme Court -- by Gloria Arroyo. *whistle whistle

    But that being said, and with all due respect, i'm against De Lima's stand to defy the Supreme Court order to allow GMA to leave. De Lima is a lawyer, an 'officer of the Court', and she is bound under her lawyer's oath to give due respect to the Court and be an instrument for people to respect the Court -- even if the latter is (in her opinion) wrong.

    Law students nowadays are learning how erroneous the Supreme Court was in declaring that Erap had "constructively resigned" (a non-existent ground in our Constitution to remove a sitting President) in 2001 and legitimized GMA's reign. But you did not see me ranting and raving about the injustice. The most that i said in interviews was, "I have a contrary opinion about the issue, but i am an officer of the court so i am duty-bound to respect the Court's order."

    As the Erap illegal ouster has created a monster that is GMA, the De Lima defiance of the Supreme Court may create a bigger monster -- A POSSIBLE ANARCHY WHEN PEOPLE START THINKING THAT THEY CAN DEFY COURT ORDERS AND STILL GET AWAY WITH IT.

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De Lima order to hold Arroyo is it unconstitutional ?