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    Jan 2013
    The China situation is a complicated one as it is ruled by a one-party government. And worse, the hardliners are leading their country nowadays. Sometimes we forget that normal citizens over there are just like you and me...people who aspire for a better life for themselves and their families. Not everybody over there is out to conquer the world so I find it unfair to make generalizations.

    Some people tend to blame anything "Chinese" like negative references to the "rich" Fil-Chi businessmen. But the question is, who is truly a Filipino? The Fil-Chis who attained success without special privileges yet and employ thousands of their fellowmen? Or European descendants who initially inherited their wealth thanks to colonialism but has evolved and also provide jobs? Shouldn't anyone who cares for this country and helps it become better deserve to called a Filipino?

    Also, maybe some people don't know but the main people defending this country actually have Chinese blood themselves. Like President Aquino and his spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, who is a product of Fil-Chi high school and probably speaks Chinese.

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    Oct 2002
    ^^^ It is not a question of race, it is national allegiance. So it does not matter if you are 100% chinese blood with a filipino citizenship, it is a question of where your loyalty is. Di natin dinedegrade ang mga filchi, we embrace them as pure as any filipino indio. Basta nararamdaman nila yung siklab sa puso habang kumakanta ng Lupang Hinirang pag tumataas yung bandila ng Pilipinas e Pilipino sila, whether they be of malayo-polynesian, chinese, spanish, indian, amerasian, japanese, korean, taiwanese, iranian or arabic blood.
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    Jul 2011
    parang french legionaire... foreign national that trained to be french combatants swear of loyalty to the french country.

    indirect and direct ang banat ng china saten.

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    Aug 2003
    Not all Chinese are pro-China, and if they are, it might be out of duress or convenience. Some people like to talk about how great China is, China will be the next superpower, etc. etc.: if life is go damn good in China, all the Chinese would be flocking back to the "motherland"...yet we see a lot of Chinese nationals who would rather stick it out here than in China.

    What does that tell you? Maybe things are a helluva lot worse back home. With a population of 1.3B, life is cheap.
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