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    Sep 2014
    Kahit ano pa sabihen nyo no match ang China sa US,

    The US has 20 aircraft carriers, 12 of which are nuclear class next generation.

    China only has 3, 2 of which are run on diesel, US stealth subs can detect these noisy boats 1000 km away.

    In World War 2, the US opened 2 theaters of War, one in Europe , one in Asia.

    These age, the US is capable of fighting 5 war fronts, china asia, middle east, , russia, africa and even an armada of attacking aliens from space with the star wars system . Lahat yun sabay sabay

    Back in the Roswell incident, the US already planned for rogue government human traitors who makes an alliance with alien races. They are also prepared for that.


    Ang nakikita lang natin ngaun is parang alam mo yun me laban naman ang China sa US, pero wala talaga, nobody can match US military might. 10 US F35s can beat all Chinese fighter jets with 100 km distance dog fight.

    Manood kasi kayo sa youtube ng military tech.

    It was Sun Tzu who said that in the Art of war, walang silbe ang tapang at galing kung walang technology. Tech wins wars.

    It seems that the US took Sun tzu seriously than his countrymen. Eh pano nga may pagka crab din mga Chinese. Mga Chinese andun sa Europe namamakyaw ng Prada, Gucci, LV saka may paintings ni Van Gogh

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    Nov 2005
    US is a nice looking house with termite infestation

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    Sep 2014
    If you still dont believe me, then Search Google re: Antartica treaty.

    In the treaty, it was decided that all countries of the world will explore Antartica scientifically but no military fleet. They can bring some choppers, navy boats but not an entire fleet.

    So how is this treaty enforced, the US has an entire fleet in Antarctica to enforce this treaty to punish offenders, yes even NaTo countries like Japan, or scandinavian countries.

    Eh di alam na this, bawal military, pero ang nag enforce the entire migt of the US military.

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    Nov 2005
    youtube pa more blah blah blah

    the sun is setting on the American empire

    American society is highly polarized

    they're addicted to painkillers

    they all on antidepressants

    they can't get anything done

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    Sep 2014
    Here’s another story, you know the plane hat was lost years ago: Malaysian flight 370. They have traced it na nag attempt pala ang plane to go south of Australia. Investigations showed that the pilot even has a state of the art flight simulator at his own condo, simulating flights south of the Indian Ocean.

    It was rumored that a US ship shot the down the plane.

    Kasi nga off-limits ang lahat ng modern world sa Antartica.

    Antartica is the answer to our past ans who we are.

    But the world is not ready for the truth. If the world knows, society and economy as we know of today will crumble. So the US protects us from that apocalyptic scenario.

    So why is China being allowed to patrol the pacific ocean and south china sea, tingin ko magkatulong na talaga ang US and China to cordone people off coz there is growing sentiments na, na a lot of people wants to explore Antartica.

    Delikado eh, did you know that after 9-11, the muslims were like less than a billion than us Christians, but after that incident, now the muslims are almost 2 times more than Catholics, buddhists, Jewish combined.

    What am i getting at? If people caught wind of something, like they want to convert to islam or they want to explore Antartica, it will be very hard to stop it.

    So I still think US and China are friends, trying to portray as enemies so that our curiosity stops there.

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    Sep 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by uls View Post
    youtube pa more blah blah blah

    the sun is setting on the American empire

    American society is highly polarized

    they're addicted to painkillers

    they all on antidepressants

    they can't get anything done
    Youre looking at different America. America treats the American continent just like any other economic country.

    But the true America, bat di mo tanong sa sarile mo uls. Who built Dubai? Who built UAE? And even some majestic places in Kazakhstan or even parts of Eastern Europe and even prussia itself. And China as well

    Lahat yan may Trump tower. And his son isalways traveling to these places. Im not saying that Trump is doing this alone, the true America is the old rich America who has extended their reach globally, alam mo yan uls, you are in the financial markets, Rothschild, Rockafellers, Morgan etc etc.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by minicarph View Post

    Delikado eh, did you know that after 9-11, the muslims were like less than a billion than us Christians, but after that incident, now the muslims are almost 2 times more than Catholics, buddhists, Jewish combined.

    muslim population increasing faster than whites coz mababa ang birth rate mga puti

    mahilig sa *** pero ayaw magka anak

    di na kailangan ng conspiracy theory para i-explain yan

    mga muslim madami manganak

    mga taga middle east and africa nag ma-migrate sa west

    sabi ko nga Europe will be unrecognizable in the near future


    Europe needs immigrants to support their aging white population

    need immigrant labor para may pang kaltas ng social security para may pambayad sa pension ng white retirees

    kulang kasi sila sa young people to support old people


    puro anti-immigration sentiment ngayon ang West nakikita kasi nila maooverwhelm sila ng Muslims

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    Sep 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by heavenlee View Post
    China / CCP should really stop playing the victim card when it is to their convenience to do so. Just because China has had a difficult "childhood", does not give them eternal rightto keep harking back to it to justify acting the big bad bully it is today.

    CCP: "I was bullied when I was a kid, that's why I am the big bad bully today, please understand that you dumbasses." "So stop talking about us -- we're that senstive because of that"

    Further, the CCP's self-generated paranoia does not grant them blanket power to tell their neighbors how to act towards them, as if their neighbors are also their subjects. They should know their bounds, but I guess those bounds, to their mind, is limitless, now that they have all that excess $$$$$$$$$ to play with -- the world is not enough, right sir?
    Yeah, that's the problem with China. They still have that Middle Kingdom mentality and they still seem traumatized about Western imperialism.

    I don't know where you're getting this whole "China's gonna take over the world" thing but it all sounds nonsense to me. I think you should stop watching too many fiction.
    Unless China comes up with a super duper ultra advanced technology, there's no realistic way that they could completely dominate the whole world in the 21st century.

    Even if China replaces US in the number 1 spot, it won't have the same kind of unchecked influence that US wielded for 2 decades after the collapse of Soviet Russia. The West is not just going to fade away or fall far behind and that means China will have to be competitively attractive in order to gain support. We're now heading towards an unstable multi-polar world.

    Yeah right, sir, thosoe loans are purely for economic reasons. I lend you money, you pay me interest, you get good infra. Everyone happy. Win-win, right?

    Only problem is those loans, unlike any other loans from any other country, come with very "special conditions" and some countries are stupid enough not to read the fine print. Or read between the lines? While some countries are just happy someone is even lending them money -- poor and policially volatile countries.

    CCP: "I have a lot of stake on this, so please understand these draconian conditions I am imposing on you."

    Conditions like -- Chinese workers will start and finish the project. Makes CCP's Chinese subjects all the more happy (an employed subject is happier than an unemployed one, no?). This also works in the CCP's favor because at the same time it is lining CCP's pockets with more $$$$$$$ flowing back home, it is opening up new markets as their own domestic market slows down.
    Of course it's not just for economic reasons. In essence, China is also buying political influence like what other powerful nations are doing. Again, China wants to improve its soft power. BRI is not some benevolent act.

    Conditions like -- If you can't pay, then cede control of the infra over to us. Don't worry if it is not to your national interest/security to cede it. We are benevolent. We will never pull one over you. You can trust us. Right-O.

    Also, one would be naive to think this initiative does not involve creating long-lasting military alliances with the borrowers at the very least, or does not
    open up any military advantages to the the CCP in the future. That those military perks are the farthest from the minds of the party and would be merely coincidental when they materialize in the not so distant future. To think it is purely economic motivation that drives the CCP to expand over and beyond the original plan -- now that is the height of ignorance, IMO.
    Basically, all you're making are assumptions and speculations. Your argument presumes that countries have no agency in their decisions and that there is no recourse for their behavior.

    Out of all the countries which have loans from China, only Sri Lanka has ceded an asset. China has renegotiated $50 billion in loans to developing countries because it wants returns.
    Ensnaring nations in debt for the sake of acquiring or controlling their infrastructures would perhaps only work once or twice, yet afterwards they will surely avoid your loans out of similar fears.
    Again, it's a STUPID STRATEGY.

    How are they "struggling" at home sir? They've brainwashed quite a number already, prolly close to 100% of its subjects.
    What I really meant was managing internal and foreign affairs hehe.
    China isn't really some unstoppable rising threat. Aside from its slowing economy, it also has an aging demographic. What makes its case unique is that China is aging at an unprecedented rate. CCP is racing against the clock to solve the crisis hence the "Made in China 2025" initiative but US is determined to make life harder for them.

    CCP: "Democracy is not for China" "Democracy will bring chaos to our land" "The CCP is the only one who can bring order and economic stability here" "Chinese Subjects should stay out of politics" " Chinese Subjects should not ask sensitive (political) questions"

    Everyone follows. No one dares to speak out. Speak out and we hurt you where it hurts a lot -- your business(es). They are so successful with this kind of subjugation at home, they plan to export it to the whole world, right?

    CCP: "Any country who speaks out against our officials don't understand our bullied past, and therefore are insensitive, and therefore should be punished (economically for now, becasue USA is still the bigger bully)" "Later on, any country that speaks out of line against the CCP will be blown to smithereens (when we have overtaken USA to become No. 1 on earth).

    Bottomline-- If the USA can't be trusted, China can't be trusted x1000.
    Export communism? How? TELL ME! HOW!!!?
    Sorry that was the roids talking.
    How exactly is China going to export communism? Almost everyone hates that. Memories of Soviet Russia's collapse are still fresh.
    I think you're aware that in politics, you can't keep acting gangsta all the time or else you won't last long. If China starts enforcing communism, it will only alienate potential allies.

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    Curious lang Bro Minicarph... whats with Antartica? what will mankind discover there? plastics garbage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2lits17 View Post
    Curious lang Bro Minicarph... whats with Antartica? what will mankind discover there? plastics garbage?

    Yung spaceship na sinakyan ng lolo nya dun nila tinago. 500,000 years nang andun e natabunan na ng ice kaya di makauwi sa kanila.

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