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    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    eh di sige, i'll patronize your for a moment, since we're talking about language in general, how 'bout binary language, c++ language, cobol etc. there are different ways to program a computer. of course, there are suggested programming structure (or grammar as is to English language) pero a person with high IQ can very much program on his own unique way. kahit na maintindihan ng iba ang structuring, what's important is the result hence the final program or the final message ...
    ahhh. classic OB response. you're beating me up with experience ha.
    we were just talking about the skillful use of english/human language as a measure of intelligence then you, out of the blue, just decide to awkwardly jump into the wonderful realm of computer languages. now that's thinking out of the box! way, way out of the box!

    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    now back to you, if you say that english grammar is a must for IQ. then it's like saying that half-a-billion Chinese or Thai or even the talented Japanese have low IQ. kasi karamihan sa kanila cant speak cant write English. but is that really the case? kung low IQ ang mga race na'to, how come they are considered highly-skilled races.

    so you see, it's a matter of perception. and again who's thinking inside the box?
    you obviously didn't take the time to read through the 3rd paragraph of my post.

    unfortunately, wala pang IQ test that take into consideration the needs of those with dysfunctional comprehension.

    Back to Topic:

    Abalos just resigned!!!

    pero tuloy pa rin daw ang laban.

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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
    Parang tama nga si shadow. Nagpaparami ulit ng Tcash yung isa dyan kaya palaging kumokontra, kahit sometimes walang saysay naman yung mga sinasabi.
    ganun na ba ka laganap ang corruption ??? pati T-Cash kino-corrupt ????

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    Sep 2004
    Thank God, nag-resign din. Dapat sa simula pa lang, para hindi na umabot sa ganito. At least, he doesn't have to be impeached anymore....kasi derecho na sa kulungan!

    UPDATE 6) Abalos resigns

    By Erwin Oliva
    Last updated 03:45pm (Mla time) 10/01/2007

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    (UPDATE 6) Abalos resigns
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    (UPDATE) Palace 'respects' Abalos' resignation
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    Cayetano lauds House for Abalos resignation
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    Close this MANILA, Philippines -- Commission on Elections chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr has resigned.

    Abalos made the announcement at his residence in Mandaluyong City amid accusations that he brokered the national broadband network contract between Chinese supplier ZTE Corp. and the Department of Transporation and Communication.

    "These issues have affected me, my family and my privacy," Abalos said in a statement he read before a crowd of supporters and media.

    Abalos was flanked by his wife Corazon (nee de Castro) and his son Benhur, the Mayor of Mandaluyong.

    Mrs. Abalos who looked disconsolate throughout the proceedings said it was she who had asked her husband to resign.

    But Abalos said that his resignation was not an admission of guilt and vowed to continue the crusade to clear his name and reputation following his resignation.

    "I will carry on the crusade to expose these lies against this person. 'Di pa tapos ang labanan [The fight is not over]," he said, as followers chanted his name and cheered.

    Abalos was referring to Jose de Venecia III, businessman and son of Speaker Jose de Venecia, who alleged that the poll chief had offered $10 million for him and his company, Amsterdam Holdings Incorporated, to drop their bid for the NBN project.

    Supporters were teary-eyed as they listened to the former chairman.

    "I hope my detractors won't feast on this," Abalos said.

    He said he came to this decision after discussing the matter with his wife and family.

    "I have not talked about this resignation to anybody except my family and my counsel," Abalos added.

    He said he was also resigning from Comelec to separate the agency from the accusations he faces.

    "I don't want Comelec to be embroiled with the issues I'm facing," he said.

    Abalos said he resigned to shield the Comelec and his family from the NBN-ZTE controversy.

    The embattled Comelec chairman also said that he wasn't too happy about how last week's Senate hearings progressed, adding that the Senators did not treat him fairly.

    "I will make my resignation formal at the end of the day," he added.

    He said people have been insinuating that he was clinging to his post since he would be backed by the Palace and his supporters in Congress.

    "I am not sticking to my position because of this," Abalos said.

    "I'm willing to face any charges against me. This resignation opens the door for any charges that will be filed against me," he said.

    He denied that he was getting the backing of the administration.

    Abalos has rejected all accusations against him, including the alleged bribe he had offered former National Economic and Development Authority Director General Romulo Neri for a favorable endorsement of the NBN project.

    Abalos' lawyer Gabby Villareal said his client would fille a P10 million defamation suit against De Venecia III and a perjury case against Neri.

    An impeachment complaint has been filed against Abalos at the House of Representatives.

    Abalos said that he would still go to Comelec tomorrow [Tuesday] to "see a smooth turnover."

    Abalos said that the most senior member of the Comelec would likely be designated as officer-in-charge.

    Abalos' media conference was preceded by a noontime mass attended by members of his family members, friends and supporters who came despite the bad weather.

    Meanwhile, Comelec commissioner Rene Sarmiento said he "respects Abalos' decision to step down."

    He also lauded the former chairman for protecting the image of the Comelec because of these issues that have affected the poll body even when they were no longer related to the agency.

    Sarmiento admitted that it was inevitable for Abalos to step down to prevent the Comelec from being dragged further into the controversy.

    "Abalos' resignation paves the way for genuine electoral reform. We insist on solid choice of replacement and transparent open process of selection," said Leah Navarro, member of the Black and White Movement, an anti-administration group.

    "Regarding the ZTE controversy, we will pursue plan to hold him accountable thru legal process," Navarro said.

    With a report from Beverly Natividad, Inquirer; Originally posted at 1:01pm

    Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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    Jan 2003
    No to corruption. Yes to services.

    *OB, I think if many people think like you we would be living in Argentina or Iran. LOL Philippines would be like Singapore if we are lead by a very good dictator. Its time for the people to give a damn on what's happening in the government. Too much corruption is bad because were only getting a fraction of what were paying for.

    Quote Originally Posted by jpdm View Post
    -Im sorry sirs if my idea is different from yours. I read the link before I made some remarks. The link is an interpretation of Rizal's work. If Rizal mentioned something about the Pinoys before, those were Pinoys (in the past) based on his perception. The Philippines, A Century Hence is a literary (creative) work. Its not a journal article rigorously reviewed by his peers. But anyway, some critics say that the literary work tells about the reality and draws some predictions (future events) from the situations during his time. Its one of the best works of Rizal.

    -Damaged culture is very hard to define. Although we have Americanized names it doesnt mean our culture is damaged. Anyway sir, just ignore my reaction about the "damaged culture."

    Sorry again for the OT:

    No sir, it is the translated version of Rizal's work. I guess Rizal's work still applies now. Damn it! The Spanish and Americans were too good at colonizing the Philippines.

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    Nov 2005
    Isa lang ang theory ko dito kay kapatid na OB and i hope my theory will prove me wrong though. Baka may kamag-anak or kapamilya ito na nasa pwesto at nabubundat sa pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan at naaambunan sya one way or the other kaya ganun na lang sya ka-tolerant sa blatant corruption happening right under his nose. Theory lang naman

    Bro, kahit anong real time examples ang ipagmalaki mo just to prove your apathy, the fact still remains that these real time examples of yours are the results of very anomalous transactions. wala namang masama na pakinabangan yang mga yan eh, tama ka dyan. kaya lang ang pinag-uusapan dito eh ang pangingik-back ni abalos and cohorts na lagpas hanggang langit na hindi kayang matanggap ng lahat ng mga kaututang dila mo dito pwede namang napatupad lahat yang mga sinasabi mong real time projects na yan na di kinakailangang magnakaw ang mga buwaya, di ba? sa laki ng nakurakot nila, mga buwaya lang at mga nakikinabang sa kanila ang happy sa long term benefits ng mga projects na yan, hence, my theory be a little bit sensitive, bro. more than 50% of the filipinos today are living below poverty line because of this g*d*mn corruption which you are taking very lightly.

    e kung on the level sana ang lahat ng government projects na yan at walang natatapon na limpak limpak na salapi na napupunta lang sa bulsa ng mga "pinagpalang demonyo" e baka iba na ang kwento ng ekonomiya natin ngayon. Baka naka-escalade ka na ngayon at can afford na rin akong bilhin sayo ang pinagsawaan mong sta fe na But of course this is "just" a dream now that everybody prays to be a reality. May maganda ka ngang highway, may maganda ka ngang broadband, nalubog ka naman sa utang e di very superficial lang ang benefits nyan. parang "fiesta syndrome" yan eh, ubos-ubos biyaya bukas nakatunganga.

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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by xoom View Post
    Isa lang ang theory ko dito kay kapatid na OB and i hope my theory will prove me wrong though. Baka may kamag-anak or kapamilya ito na nasa pwesto at nabubundat sa pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan at naaambunan sya one way or the other kaya ganun na lang sya ka-tolerant sa blatant corruption happening right under his nose. Theory lang naman
    bro ke theory yan or whatever you may call it, your comment is too personal.Di nakakatuwa

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    Quote Originally Posted by VtEC View Post
    bro ke theory yan or whatever you may call it, your comment is too personal.Di nakakatuwa

    i guess you're right, sir vtec. sorry boss OB, that was a stupid, out of line comment. damn, that was cruel of me. sorry po ulit

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    Bwiset ngayon yung media. Wala magawa kundi ininterview mga opposition. Puro lavish praises on Abolos for resigning tapos calling on him to spill the beans on pandak et al. Pati si Cory nagkikisali, pinuntahan yung Abalos Residence para daw "kausapin"...

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    wag na kayo mag-sorry sa'kin. sport naman ako. basta ino-open ko lang kayo sa iba't iba possibilities masaya na ko

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    Los mabalos........Abalos.

Abalos again!!!???