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    Oct 2002
    Very interesting...

    But is it really too difficult to build a reasonably priced SUV that can get 40 mpg and still provide the performance, comfort, and reduced emissions consumers expect? The surprising fact is that an assortment of fuel efficiency technologies exist in industry and university labs. Even more startling is that many of these technologies are based on the conventional internal-combustion engine. They don’t require complex electric-gas hybrid drive trains like those under the hoods of the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. Nor are they based on anything as exotic as fuel cells. If the automotive industry put some corporate horsepower behind moving these technologies into production—and that’s a big if, given the lack of U.S. regulations and consumer demand—the gas-saving technologies could start hitting showrooms within five years. Indeed, if it chose to, Detroit could manufacture a 40-mpg SUV by the end of the decade.

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    Oct 2002
    But will these 40mpg SUV's perform well off-road? Most SUV's have bad aerodynamics because of the required high ground clearance and off-road equipment. A lot are overweight because of the underbody armor and reinforcements.

    I just don't know if a 40 mpg SUV will be tough enough.
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Why not a 40MPG SUV?