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    Aug 2004
    Para sa matanda, BUS nalang. Safest! Hehe... tignan mo, kahit di naka-seatbelt, no whiplash because of the enormous amount of kinetic energy that the bus frame can absorb.

    Kawawa ka lang if the driver decides to jump off the Mandaluyong bridge (one guy got close a few years ago... :lol: ).

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jan 2005
    Three people i know ( 2 of them are family friends ) have something in common. They all have jeep cherokee and they all have a rollover..and they are all fine. One guy manage to call home, Hi swettie i just have a rollover.. sa highway naman siguro mga tatlo ang nakita ko, i think twa's an explorer, you can tell on side on the impact like wasak yong bubong pero nakatayo. My sister had a rollover on her forester (04 auto ) 4 months ago. She's fine now and just got off from neckbrace like 3 weeks ago but still on workers comp. But the family is like, Hey jude you made her buy a forester, well maybe, but making a sharp turn just to avoid a stray dog in a 50 mph ,even a car wont survive that....Well the truth is im thinking of trading in my pilot to sienna or maybe drive a little slower....

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