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    Oct 2002
    wait lang... I don't get it... bakit hindi pwedeng matuloy ang mga hindi members ng PORCi?

    anyway, whatever the reason and outcome is, invited parin kayo sa Christmas Drive ng ai.ORG...

    pero sayang naman ang mga excited sumama sa Pinatubo Trek... at least may other choice kayo kung ano man mangyari...

    pero gusto ko nga malaman, bakit hindi na pwede matuloy ang mga hindi members ng PORCi?

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    Oct 2002
    based on the ther posts, i don't think it's a case of PORCI not allowing non-members to go, but of PORCI cancelling their pinatubo plans for nov 30. it seems they were the ones organizing the event, so ngayon na wala na sila, wala na rin yung event.

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    Oct 2002
    pwede parin naman tumuloy sa Nov.30 but PORCI cannot accompany us.

    PORCI did not organize the Pinatubo trek, it is being organized by the AC4W for the past three years. so, based on assumptions, they will again organize one this year. but its already the 15th and we havent heard if there will be any.

    pwedeng pumunta don anytime, anybody. mas maganda lang na may kasama tayong dati nang nagpupunta dun.

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    Oct 2002
    So what's it gonna be? I know its too early to say things. But if plans push thru, we have to go there prepared di ba?

    Is there anyone here that has been there sa pinatubo trail? Baka pwede na rin tayu-tayo mag punta dun?

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    Oct 2002
    Sige kahit kelan basta makikisakay nalang ako sa inyo.. Kahit sagot ko na ang Lunch hehehe> Yon lang kaya ko wala pa ako pang bili ng 4X4

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    Oct 2002
    I was at last years Pinatubo trek. But the trekking is mostly for the hikers. AC4W invites 4 wheelers here with no charge, however you must bring your 4x4 and reserve seating & cargo space for 2 hikers or more to ferry to the Pinatubo trail.

    Guys your welcome to join our Nov. 30 activity. Forget w/c talkboards we belong to. At the end of the day it's our passion for 4 wheeling that matters, it should transcend group affilliations.

    We would really love to impart our knowledge on offroad driving techniques to anyone willing to learn.

    Plus it will be a good way to start the Christmas season by giving to the needy. Hey this can be a joint effort between tsikot / Diesel club and ai. Show your colors there, no problem. We will be there for the children and offroading not to show who's better.

    Happy trails!


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    Oct 2002
    Sayang. I even had my sched change. Next baka matanda na ko, hindi ko na maakyat yan.:mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    kaya naman ng mga 4x4 na walang winch di ba? so sa cars walang problems....
    marami ako kasama sa rowing team na mountaineers, you want me to ask baka pwede nila tayo bigyan ng guide para sa treck up pinatubo?

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    Oct 2002
    I agree with boss Freeman. kaya nga nang-i-invite... it's not which forum you belong to, basta willing kayo matuto... ok lang nga kay Freeman na invite ko mga relatives ko na may 4x4s eh, and hindi sila masyado gumagamit ng internet, gusto ko lang matikim sa kanila ang offroading...

    similar sa inyo, but I know marami sa inyo may konting experience na, but this is a beginner class, so kahit wala kayong matutunan dito and natikman niyo na ang ginhawa (wtf?) ng offroading, baka may ma-share kayo sa mga eager matuto...

    yun lang... *bow*

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    Oct 2002
    gusto ko ngang pumunta sa little baguio kaso po medyo outside sa sched ko, actually booked na ako up to january he..he

    tama ka sir it's not about kung beginner ka o supreme off roader but the passion! the outdoors, nature, the barkadahan!

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