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    Oct 2002
    It is suspended until January when it will become mandatory for all vehicles, according to AAP(ex PMA).

    This they tell me after I've already gotten smogged. :S

    Anyway some details about my smog test.

    I purposely went without changing my plugs(already 10k++ kms old), off spec timing & "dirty" K&N air filter(20k+ kms).

    Hooking me up to the smog machine reveals that I had a 1.xx+ CO(carbon monoxide) & a fluctuating HC(hydrocarbon) reading(ranging from 650-850 ppm.)
    A fluctuating HC usually indicates, misfiring or a lopey idle due to an aftermarket cam.

    Maximum CO & HC for my year model(1994) is 4.5 CO, 800 ppm HC.

    Test center technician asks if I've had a tune up recently.
    I replied no.
    He recommended that we do a plug change, timing check/adjustment & air filter replacement, as worn plugs & off spec ignition timing & dirty air filter are the most common causes for high or fluctuating HC readings he says.

    I consented to the first two.

    After the plug change & timing was reset, I was tested again.

    Final readings are:
    0.22 CO
    350 HC
    Lambda 1.145 (this has no bearing on the smog test btw, it simply indicates that my engine is still running on the rich side of stoich. Ideal Lambda should be 1.0 +/-0.05)

    Getting smog tested cost me 300 for test, 320 for plugs, 385 for labor that test center charged for the tune up.

    Here's a few tips before you get smogged.

    Have a decent "back to stock" tune up.
    Use new plugs.
    Get a new air filter installed or use a REAL free flow filter like K&N.
    If you don't have a regular PMS, now is as good a time as any to start.

    Having a regular PMS not only ensures you get better performance & fuel economy out of your car, but also is good for the environment.

    Aftermarket mods shouldn't get in the way of passing the smog test.
    Do them right & you should pass it without any problems.
    I have a set of headers & full aftermarket exhaust, aftermarket spark plug wires on my car as well as the aforementioned "dirty" K&N air filter & lopey idle.

    Poking around I also found out something disturbing about the emissions of the 2.0 litre Revo's.......

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    Oct 2002
    P.S. I was suppose to have my smog test at Diamond Motors Santolan but I found some place closer.

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    Oct 2002
    what about the 2.0L revos?.. ehehehe

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    Oct 2002
    Put 2 n 2 together na lang.
    To say more on second hand info about them would start a scandal....

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    Oct 2002
    heheehe... ayt!....

    here's an experience from one of our founders sa MBCP


    I don't know if everyone knows about the implementation of SMOG CHECKS for all vehicles whether gas or diesel as part of the annual registration process. Well apparently, effective October 1, you have to get a compiance certificate from an accredited EMMISSIONS CENTER before they will release the registration stickers.

    I had to go through this process when I had the 250T registered. Fortunately there is an accredited testing station in Muntinlupa. I hear the ones in Pasay and in QC are really crowded.

    I arrived at 10am and got to the front of the line by 12pm... LUNCH BREAK. Resume by 1pm, testing completed by 1:30.

    They use really sophisticated equipment which measures engine speed, engine oil temperature (there's a probe that they insert down the dipstick tube), and exhaust gasses. Several cars ahead of me failed -- mostly 5 year old Japanese cars. I got really worried since I have 1982 model with a Weber carburator and these EFI cars with really small engines are failing. There's this VW bug that was on its 4th attempt.

    The 'passing grade' is 4.5% CO by volume, or lower, for cars initially registered before 1997. Its more strict for newer cars.

    The tension is soo thick in the testing center.... it was filled with people exchanging ideas on how to beat the SMOG check.... from water down the exhaust pipe to fresh oil and air filters, to new spark plugs and distributor cap/rotor, to timing, to Air-fuel mixture, to Motor-up, to plain-jane LAGAY.

    I even asked if I'm allowed to tweak the engine's settings while connected to the testing machine if I get a failing mark. I never did get a straight answer from the technicians.

    As my luck would have it... the car PASSED. The acceptable limit is 4.5% CO, and the car only measured .99% CO by volume. Whoohooo! Hi-Fives all around. Walang lagay yan, ah! Although I did let the car idle while the car ahead of me was being tested (para siguradong warmed up na makina) and made sure the carb choke was fully open. AC off. The testing technician was impressed with the Air-Fuel Ratio meter mounted on the car's steering column....

    They only tested at idle and at fast idle. With diesel engines, they do the VROOOOOOM test.

    And that's my adventure for this week.

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    Oct 2002
    was wondering.. no brainer naman yung paglagay ng hose sa exhaust tapos lagyan ng tubig right?... kasi if ever para wala na akong lilinisin... papacarwash ako.. tapos sabihan ko yung nagkacarwash na saksakan ng hose yung exhaust ko....para dun sa kanila bumuhos yung dumi (got the idea dun sa diesel forum sa hehehe)...

    tingin nyo?.. will nothing go wrong?

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    Oct 2002
    car wash people wont bite into that trick dude..... alam nila yon :mrgreen:

    anyway, try mo rin :D

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    Oct 2002
    hahaha.. ganun ba?. ehhee... basa na rin naman yung flooring nila he... heehe..

    so san ako pwedeng magpa "steamwash"?.. tama ba to?. ito ba yung para sa exhaust?.. how about BBC sa kalayaan sa QC?...

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    Oct 2002
    Im not sure exactly where the steamwash can be done. As mentioned somewhere above, Shell in pasay daw. :D

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    Oct 2002
    ..... :?:

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Mandatory preregistration emission tests start Oct. 1 in NCR