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    Oct 2002
    ayaw ko nang mga comment sa mga tricycle drivers na yan. baka mahagis ko pa itong computer ko sa inis at galit :evil: , hindi pa ako makapag post dito sa tsikot. :mrgreen:

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    Mar 2009
    Buhayin ko lang po ang thread na ito . . .

    Last week, sumakay ako ng trike dyan sa Sto. Domingo papunta ng Mayon QC. Ang resulta, nabukulan ako nang dahil sa "racing (kuno)" design ang cab nito na sobrang baba ng head clearance at asal-kareristang trike drayber.

    Sa tutoo lang, sawa na ako sa "harrasment" ng mga yan. Dito sa probinsya namin ay halos lahat ng kalye sa poblacion ay pilahan nila. Pagbabawalan ka pang pumarada kasi pilahan daw ng TODA nila.

    Bukod sa barumbadong pagmamaneho (99% sa kanila ay di alam ang traffic rules at road courtesy . . . kasi nga e naghahanap-buhay lang naman daw sila), abusado pa silang maningil ng pasahe. Sana ay maisailalim na sila sa LTFRB. Inutil ang mga local officials sa issue na yan!

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    Apr 2007
    I think this thread should belong to the Goon Squad HQ section.

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    Nov 2005
    kahit saan meron undisciplined uneducated jologs

    part of life yan living here

    check out this article by Butch Gamboa re tricycles

    pansin niyo Mr. Gamboa is very careful with his words

    Tricycles can be a bane to progress
    MANILA, Philippines - Please don’t take our headline as a general sweeping statement. Nor form an impression that I am anti-poor. I realize the importance of these three-wheeled transporters as God-sent in areas where there are no regular transport services, like in villages, subdivisions and far-flung barrios.

    I cannot over-emphasize their importance where they are useful. But I cannot justify their existence where they are hazardous and a deterrent to the free movement of people, goods and services – in the main roads and in the highways.

    Considering that that they are motorized, their legal existence is dependent on the LTFRB or the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and their movement is regulated by the LTO or Land Transportation Office and the local police.

    We know of the countless avoidable accidents that the mere presence of tricycles have caused not only in metro roads but more so in provincial highways making them indeed hazardous transporters in main thoroughfares.

    We have seen and continuously see how their presence in the high-speed highways considerably reduce the pace of the movement of people, goods and services negatively affecting trade and commerce and inevitably the country’s economy as a whole.

    We know that there are already laws prohibiting their mere presence in the main streets and roads and highways. The question is, “Why can’t we implement the law?”

    There have been some finger-pointing in this issue with the local government most especially accused of coddling the vote-rich tricycle drivers’ and operators’ ranks.

    With the change in leadership we hope to have a change in overall priorities and in all aspects, including the country’s transport concerns.
    i bet deep inside Mr. Gamboa is just as mad as we are re tricycles

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    Nov 2010
    I was once a witness how inutile these tricycle drivers are. My friends and I were going to TV5. When my friend started making a left turn. (slow speed, turn signals lit in advance), suddenly, a tricycle came in from our left side at full speed and got tripped by my friend's car.

    Haha, tulpit ang mokong. His front wheel hit us and then cartwheeled over the car.

    Buti na lang ndi gaanong nasira yung kotse ng kaibigan ko.

    At isa pa, teenager pala yung driver at walang license.

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Inggat Kayo sa Tricycles Near Sto. Domingo at Night.