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    Oct 2002
    Maganda rin ang konting research. Alamin mo how the prospective vehicle originally looks like and ano ang mga equipment niyan when brand new.

    Yung iba kasi diyan chop-suey of parts from other vehicles na. Yung ibang Lite Ace hindi mo na makilala kung base model or top of the line dahil napagpalit palit na with other units ang piyesa. Hehehe.
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    Oct 2002
    tsambahan talaga yang mga benta sa auctions. I have friends who got good units. siguro less naman ang accidents kaya medyo ok naman.:mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    Just got some wisdom over the weekend from a mechanic in Midas when I was having my cars oil changed. Told him my budget 200-250T for a second vehicle for my family:
    Here's my recollection:

    Local L300 (1st gen) diesel - overall no problem,except for some steering brace adjustments, which tend to have a 'floating' steering, umeekis

    L300 Exceed - overall OK, corrected the problems of the previous gen (though I think that the localvariant only comes out with a gas engine?)

    Hi-ace 2L engine - suspension is very very good, wouldnt have a problem in the long run, (same engine as Hilux, thus probably would last long also)

    Urvan / Homy - TD27 - has the Safari engine, overall no problem. Sometimes overheats, needs frequent fan belt change.

    Liteace - 5K gas (very underpowered), will get you toyour destination, but dont expect to arrivethere fast)

    Liteace 2C (FX engine) - this engine is disposable, madalas kumatok; then you need to have it swapped with a surplus 2nd hand 2C again (chances are you might get a repaired 2nd handwith the same problem)

    - The Revo diesel engine is a better engine BTW.

    Hyundai Grace is good also as it has a Mitsu 4D56 engine, yung kaha lang is not that handsome.

    Kia Pregio has a solid platform, solid suspension, good engine also

    On AT - If u are getting 2nd hand, dont go for AT, as these are actually disposable, unless you can get parts. Otherwise, you order from the casa (Then the casa orders it still abroad), and it might cost you an arm and a leg - I guess more than 100T just to have it replaced!

    On MT - better, this is repairable by your trusty neighborhood talyer.

    Q1: I dont think I'll be needing 4WD, this causes drag and reduced fuel economy right?

    Q2: Got to some websites of Japanese exporters and FOB price of those vans sold at the local auction are actually very low (USD 1500-3000 plus freight and taxes). Do you think this is feasible? Or evenworth the trouble?

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    Oct 2002
    dude, IMHO, stay away from those converted units. madami dami nang accident with regards to that, steering related...

    just try to get a hold of a LHD besta or pregio... mas ok naman yun... at least it started out as a LHD. if you want i can refer you to a friend of mine, he's selling his besta.

    imaginin mo ang van na RHD, yung passenger's door nasa incoming traffic... it (and the whole vehicle) compromises the safety of your passengers.

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    Oct 2002
    don't be deceived byt the looks (exterior)of the coverted RHD to LHD vehicles, several units wont do you any good. sa safety na lang. one time bababa ang pasahero mo tapos bigla na lang tangayin ng icoming traffic. tsk tsk tsk
    pero good luck pa rin in hunting!

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    Oct 2002
    Sayang nabenta na yung Besta ko. Hehehe. Ang ganda pa nun. 1999 Model. Php 220,000.00 lang ata nabenta.
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    Dec 2002
    besta... hmmm why not pregio? sabi nila halos everyweek pinapagwa ang aircon ng besta. cguro malas lang talaga tita ko kaya ganun besta niya. local liteace na lang diba? if your going to inspect sa auction, dont go at night, sigurado wala ka makikita. cguro pag bibili ka dun walang regrets dapat... maganda na sana yung mga unit kaya lang RHD eh...

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    Oct 2002
    Just to tell you guys that I've visited the auction site over the weekend.
    And I didnt actually liked what I saw of the vans available.
    Bottomline - I wont buy from the auctions anymore.

    Mileages often are around 150T km++
    Looks like the vans have been under the sun, unkempt and uncared for for around 6mos. A lot can happen on the innards of the vehicle during this time.
    Most are AT's, and I think AT's at these conditions are bound to fail anytime soon.

    But if I were to shop for SUV's and motorcyles though, it will be a different story...

    Thank you guys for the help!!

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