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    Jul 2007
    i think buses and trucks must have speed limiters so that driver can't drive their vehicles hard and fast. everytime i drive along edsa and sometimes in highways this huge vehicles does'nt care to other small vehicle. its like they own the road that they can cut you or do anything they want. driving a big vehicle such as buses and trucks is more dangerous when it is driven fast. because they can't brake instantly. i think lto should think about this.

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    Oct 2002
    Speed limiters won't do much if buses are allowed to weave in and out of their lanes with impunity.

    We need tougher, even draconian laws to deal with puv traffic violators such as these. My suggestion? Since public utility drivers are supposed to exercise extraordinary diligence in transporting their passengers or cargo, they should be made to answer for heavier penalties.

    Dunno if my fellow tsikoteers would agree but I'd be advocating a very harsh penalty of CASTRATION for repeat offenders of traffic violations. Tignan ko lang kung hindi tumino ang mga buwisit na 'yan.

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    Aug 2007
    ^ Agree with you sboogie. It will somehow reduce their ability to weave into traffic in as much as they can.

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    Aug 2005
    60 Kph is too slow lalo na pag nasa NLEX and SLEX. 80 Kph siguro. Sa city, ok na ang 60 Kph

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    May 2006
    it starts at LTO.. 80% of PUV drivers would not pass if they are made to take an exam... PUV drivers should be made to take the exams just like nurzes are made to take board exams.. after all driving is a life and death sittuations too.. dnt you think?

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    Apr 2005
    About 10 years ago I was tooling in a L200 along North Expressway when I was passed by a couple of busses, a Philippine Rabbit and Victory, doing 80 kph, racing against each other. I decided to give chase, at a distance, to see if anything interesting will happen.

    They were going left or right of slow traffic, weaving their way in and out of traffic trying to get ahead of the other. But when I noticed we were hitting 120 kph, I thought better of it and gave up the chase. And, yes they pulled ahead of me even while I was still doing 120 kph.

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    Jan 2007
    +1 on the speed limiter idea. Maybe set to 80 for provincial liners, 60 for city buses.

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    Jan 2007
    as long as the speed limit enforcers in NLEX and SLEX are competent, bus companies /drivers will act like a lamb in due time.

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    Feb 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Altis6453 View Post
    ...We need tougher, even draconian laws to deal with puv traffic violators such as these...
    Oh yes... I suggest a Shoot-Your-Favorite-PUV-Driver Day, every month.

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    Oct 2007
    [SIZE=3]1. Dapat babaan yung hp & torque, na tipo bang pati sila magdadalawang isip kung basta nalang hihinto kasi kapag nawalan ng bwelo forever na silang maghihintay bago makabalik sa tamang speed. Bale sitting duck sa mga manghuhuling MMDA. Magsama sama na sila.

    2. Tanggalan ng power steering, pabigatin pa nga if possible para hindi basta basta makaswerve. Mahina na torque, bigat pa ng manibela, eh goodluck sa kanila.

    3. PUV lane, ala yellow lane tapos strict ang implementation. Basta lumabas, huli. Kung pwede lang ibarikada na sila para sila sila nalang magkaharangan at magkaubusan ng oras mas mabuti. Mapipilitan silang matuto kasi kung lahat sila barumbado di na sila gagalaw.


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60kph Speed Limiter for Buses and Trucks