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    Jan 2007
    eto po share ko lang tamiya jeep ng batangas by Mr. Ven....

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    Jan 2007

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    Feb 2010
    * Archie Almario

    Ayan ang pinaka gusto ko na OTJ, gawa ng batangas by mr ven.

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    Jun 2010

    san po meron ganitong jeep at nasa magkano at anong specs sya? meron din bang ganitong klase na yun sa likod all covered?[IMG]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/168/Desktop/dsc06731jpg.jpg[/IMG]

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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by JambaMike View Post
    Hello, sorry if this is a dumb question but I do not speak much Tagalog so I am unable to read a lot of this Forum. I am an expat who recently relocated to the Manila area and I have always admired the old Willy's style Jeeps, and now that I have came to the Philippines I really want to get an owner type jeep. I really like the the look and style of the shorter willys shaped ones if that makes any sense, and the stainless steel hood and grill looks awesome too. What I am wondering is if Owner Type Jeeps are available with 4 wheel drive options? I do not intend to do any heavy off roading but I have had many small trucks in the past and found the feature quite useful at times. Also I was wondering if its possible to install Air Conditioning if I find a Jeep that does not have that option. Finally where should I look for Owner Type Jeeps in Metro Manila (preferable with 4 wheel drive if possible) I really want to get an Owner Type Jeep soon, so please any information is appreciated.
    yes you can have a 4WD version of yours just choose the right parts for your custom jeep

    i would suggest an engine from Isuzu Trooper with a 4x4 tranny and
    you can get as well a custom chassis to fit a differential with 4x4 configuration

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    May 2011
    ang gaganda naman ng last images ng owner jeep magkano kaya ang aabutin ng paasemble ngayon.. iam really owner fanatic.. honestly i rather built an owner jeep than buying a second car na madami na nakialam at saka ibabalik mo sa original...

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    May 2011
    Tanong lang Po. Saan po pwedeng magpagawa ng trafal ng owner type jeep at magkano po? D2 po ako sa Paranaque. Maraming salamat po

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    May 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by yellowjip View Post
    i guess your correct sir ghostrider on what i pointed out, but again it has been pointed out that for the same amount of money you can get a secondhand car...But with a secondhand car if you dont have extra cash lying around your screwed, you still wont be able to use the vehicle with confidence..People i know who bought secondhand cars have spent alot of money to make there cares reliable again.It all comes down to money..its the ugly truth but its the truth..We have two vehicles one innova and one assembled wrangler so i know how it is in both the assembled world and factory manufactured car..Not everybody has a stable income to fix or repair things such as airconditioning as we all know sometimes it doesnt come i understand and respect those who have to live with assembled vehicles..just my point of view.
    Agree din po ako na sa presyo ng isang otj makakabili na kayo ng isang disenteng second hand na kotse, pero pag umuuwi ako ng mindoro at pinapasok ko na yung oto ko sa barangay road namin na hindi sementado naaawa ako sa oto ko, galing na nga sa mahabang byahe (baguio to mindoro) sasayad pa ang ilalim sa putikang kalsada at pag lalabas naman di maiwasang mag-overload sa dami ng gustong sumama, kaya naisipan kong bumili ng otj para dito ko gamitin sa mindoro. Di nga sya ganun kagandang imaneho sa hi-way pero pagdating sa barangay road at sa kargahan mas maaasahan.
    Bago nga lang po pala ako dito at ito po ang unang post ko.

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    May 2011
    Some of us don't like otj, they think it was unsafe, out dated, ricer, poorly undecent vehicle. Some of us like otj for many reason. As I'm reading this thread, building an otj is a price of a used car, but does used car are reliable or it will be more hassle out of pocket expenses just to make it reliable again. As mentioned, if you don't have cash lying around to fix something you'll screwed right? At the economy today, you might know what would happened. People that has otj should not be treated poorly, that's what they afford, and even well enough people want to have otj because of finding themselves enjoyment and reminiscing the past that they have one before. Kanya kanyang trip yan, walang basagan ng trip!

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    Jul 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by True Faith View Post

    From Imus, Cavite (assembler near Robinson's Imus)

Stainless Owner Type Jeeps