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    Jun 2004
    To all tsikoteers specially altis owners hope you can help me, had my 04 altis w/ less than 10k mileage that has been producing squeeking sounds everytime i hit on the humps, buti nalang it is well covered pa with the warranty. but problem is brought it twice to casa mla bay and still produce the same squeek thou the squeek has been toned down but still produce a squeek. parts replaced already according to casa are front shock absorbers for the first repair and a so called front drive shaft assembly on the second repair. have told the service adviser on the current situation and told me that no other problems where found na after replacing these parts,just try nlang daw to observe it until my 10k checkup. This car has been giving me a lot of headache... is it the usual squeek all altis should bare everytime we hit a hump or im just a lucky guy who got myself a lemon....?

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    Nov 2002
    Sometimes, an annoying squeak can come from the tiniest of things. You might want to try isolating the noise by checking what additional stuff you've put in your car. You can also try to stand by a large hump, have someone else drive your car, and observe carefully. If you don't hear anything, then the noise might be inside the car.

    Another thing you can do is have your chassis and engine washed. This may flush away that foreign thingie that's been bugging you ever since. If the squeak is still there, you'll really need a specialist to scrutinize the problem.

toyota altis di maayos na squeeking sound...