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    salamat Nixon & alwayz yummy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz_yummy
    welcome....salamat sa surplus ng japan na binaboy ang almost 17-year-old maxima, at eto ngayong ride ko...and a hefty amount of money kaya ako natuto ng ganito...

    puntahan mo na din, at baka magkita din tayo dun kung sakali..

    nga pala, kung light repairs sa a/c system ng rides ko, i DIY it...(makatipid ng sa labor and parts,e)

    Thanks, Yummy, for sharing with us your knowledge and experience.

    I have a Mazda sedan 323 1966,the one used for taxis.

    The compressor would not turn off, so its gets cooler and cooler in the cabin. What I do is to switch off the aircon and then on again, to avoid having the cabin getting too cold, but the aircon blower on the dashboard I keep it blowing.

    I asked the service shop owner who works on my aircon every eight months about the problem. He told me the thermostat switch is bad, and he will connect a new switch splicing it on one wire from the old switch, and inserting its fine copper tube with pinched end into the fins of the aircon evaporator. Price for both switch and labor is P750.

    I think if I could reach that switch that is supposed to be bad, I might repair it. I am one stubborn person for DIY repairs.

    I called up another shop and the owner said it could be one of five relay switches being busted, or worse the compressor bearing worn out. Relay labor is for him P600, replacement of bearing for compressor is P2,000.

    For the present I just get along with turning on and off the push button switch for the AC on the dashboard, of course keeping the blower fan on the dashboard on.

    What do you say, Yummy? You also do repairs yourself.

    Do you think it could be as simple as spraying the out of order thermostatic switch with unlock spray lubricant from aerosol canister?

    If only I know where that switch is located and can reach it, without tearing the car engine compartment apart...

    Thanks for any advice and maybe you can think about the problem and also ask around from aircon repair guys you know.


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problem about thermostat...pls help!!