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    May 2004
    bro, tanong ko lang ano needed stuff para sa DIY ng plate number restoration. kung magpapalit ako sa LTO ng plaka magkano kaya... medyo sira na kse yung sa harap na plate number eh.... mukhang gusgusin na... thanks! peace!

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    Oct 2002
    DIY plates are not legal and would always be an opportunity for kotong cops.

    Go to LTO, bring your damaged plate (kung minor damage lang....medyo sirain mo na ng husto...and then request for plate replacement. They would do you a duplicate but it would take eons!

    Option 2, don't show the plate but declare them that you've lost one of your plates. You might need to get a notarized lost plate letter. The LTO would do you a duplicate also and while waiting for the duplicate you can always use the damage plate that you have.

    It usually take months to have it replaced.

    3rd option but may not be legal is to talk to the plate maker (nasa sticker ng LTO yung address nila - they are also the legal supplier of commemorative plates - somewhere in makati ang office) and ask them if they could repair/replace the plate (it would be faster than LTO).

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    Dec 2003
    Oist! did anyone do this?? How much? Inputs naman o! Yung legal means din ha?!

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    Oct 2002
    wildthing is correct. no 'user modifications' whatsoever is allowed on plates. (of course in reality maraming gumagawa nito; i dont even think the mmda boys know that its illegal)

DIY- plate number restore