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    Oct 2002

    you're getting out of line here. there will be no tolerance for nuisance posters on this forum, *** i'm sure you know what i mean ***.

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    Oct 2002
    James Chavez

    Pati ba naman d2 nakaabot ka na lakas talaga ng radar mo ayoko ng mga yan kasi talagang mahirap mangarap lalo ng kung gising at kung mangagarap lang din ako yun kaya kong abutin. Pero kung mabait ka pwede mo rin bigay sa'kin ang isa sa mga Ferari's mo or kaya naman yan Lambo mo diba.

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    Oct 2002
    For rally and any form of racing on rough terrain, get a Lancer. The Civic's double wishbone suspension won't last long on rough terrain. The Macpherson/multi-link suspension on the Lancers cope well with rough terrain.

    For circuit, a Civic or Corolla. Subok na, many people race these cars.

    For slalom, an old Starlet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;10535
    why not consider a Ferrari 360 Modena? It's not that expensive naman as far as my standard is concerned. Or if you think it's a little bit expensive, then go for the old school Lamborghini Countach. btw, I own several Ferraris and Lambos. Okay lang kahit di mo imodify, but for me, I cannot tolerate a stock car kasi so even my Ferraris are modified 8)
    haha! lakas ng amats nito ah! :hysterical:

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