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    Nov 2006
    I've been planning to upgrade my car with one of those beautiful air intakes most guys slap into their cars. At Fernandos, Visayas Ave, it costs only P4000! Unlike K&N which costs P12000

    My problem is that a number of forums and review sites say that an Air Intake actually slows down the car!! Here's one such thread:

    How true is this? Is anyone satisfied with their air intake.

    Over at, I read posts that say torque suffers greatly with an intake because heat warms the air.

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    May 2006
    It will suffer if it's not properly installed. Pero ako I'm satisfied with Stock. I had one in my previous cars. Mabilis pag gabi at mahina pag maiinit lalo na pag traffic and sunny days.

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    Sep 2006
    If you'r always stuck in traffic just save your money.

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    Oct 2002
    Free flow intakes work best for vehicles with restrictive stock intakes or those requiring large amounts of air (e.g. turbos).

    For smaller engines found in subcompacts, an air intake won't really do much.

    I'd stick to stock.
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    Nov 2006
    Thanks. You guys are super!

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    Aug 2004
    There is something to be gained from air intakes, but not the cheap ones.

    K&N heads regularly test at at least 2-3hp for small engines. On a good day, with a heat shield, maybe 5 hp... heck, I've felt more change from the K&N in one day of driving than I did from my old Simota head in three years (on previous car).

    Only dyno-testing will be able to tell what head is best for your car, but if it's otherwise stock, forget it... it's not satisfying, and like uwak and ron say, it sucks bad in traffic (I know mine does... ). It's only when you've got other mods that it starts making significant power, but you still have to find ways (shielding, cold air intakes, vented hood (yuck!) ) to keep your engine from "heat soaking" in hot conditions.

    In conclusion: if you really want a nice filter with little to no headaches, get a K&N drop-in filter. It won't be a drastic difference, but you'll notice it. If you want a nice performance cone filter, get a K&N or HKS... don't waste your time on cheap foam filters, small Simotas or no-name brands. Then just buy the Simota plastic tubing and heat-shield for dress-up.

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    May 2006
    The guys who posted that review must have been mislead into thinking that slapping on a free flow filter will give a coupla more Hp in his naturally aspirated ride.

    The filter may, at most, improve a bit the accelaration but will hardly add horsepower. That's just plain rice talk

    Otep explained it best.

    My SiR has remained all stock since and although it did cross my mind to punch in an Airaid filter, it never happened because its just not necessary.

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    Oct 2004
    Ive gone from the cone type simota to the drop in filter by K&N and frankly none of them works, unless you're at full throttle always. Aftermarket filters are just a waste of money. BTW, you lose low end torque on these aftermarket filters not to mention the lightening of your wallet

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    Aug 2004
    Depends on the engine and placement. As I stated before, it depends on the weather, too. Most air intakes inside the engine give a measly 1-2 hp increase, but if you want 5 hp or more (sorry, my mistake with the estimate with the heat shield... it doesn't increase the power, it just makes the time it takes for heat soak to set in a bit longer...), you need a long tube CAI with the filter in the fender or the bumper.

    In real-life, a 1-2 hp increase isn't noticeable unless you drive the car to the redline, and can be negated by hot conditions.

    You won't usually lose torque with a freer flowing filter, but if its too free flowing (read: too big, or doesn't filter at all), you most likely will... it can also mess up your sensors and make your car run rough. (most Sentra and Lynx boys can relate...)

    But this is all stock... with an exhaust upgrade, it'll definitely help give you more... but unless you're willing to do everything, just putting an intake on makes a very small difference. And if it's a small, cheap one, like the Simota posted in the article, that difference will be so small as to be non-existent.

    But heck, it's your car. If you can live with the 1-2 hp loss in traffic, and the 2-3 hp gain at night (as well as the nice buzz cone filters make...) makes you happy, go ahead.

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    Aug 2006
    IT could be a scam, and it could not be a scam. If you're getting an intake for your car, get it well planned, match it with other bolt-ons. Avoid lego building.

    I bought an AEM V2 for my integra a couple years back and yes it surprisingly improved the torque and throttle response. It was too loud too that it sounded like I also have an aftermarket exhaust system.

    1-2 hp gain, you can HARDLY feel it regardless of how hard you drive your car... 5 hp advertisement is a scam, too, however Injen claimed an inicrease of around that much on various cars. K&N also claimed to gain ~7-12 hp gain on cars already making 250+ hp, and those 3.5 - 5.0L...

    You're not going to see or feel the gain in power with just an intake system...

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Air Intakes a Scam?