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    Oct 2008
    ano specs niyan pati price when owning one at fuel consumption?

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    Jan 2008
    these are the kind of people who doesn't even notice the price increase on pumps

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    Sep 2008
    saw two of these when at Emperor's Auto shop just in front of BigBert's ortigas yesterday when I had my car undergo paint protection..

    Black and the Gray version.. super ganda nia up close! even had chance to see the inside..

    kasama nia 2 fairlady's (Z-cars), orange and yellow version.. nagpapagawa..

    sabi nung taga BigBert's, binebenta raw yun, 7.5M...

    ganda talaga... kaso... nde ren naman yan basta basta kayang i-maintain dito Pinas..

    but then again, if u can afford a 7.5M ride, i bet they'd never care! argh!

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    Nov 2008
    10m Sobra nman yang price na yan Meron akong alam 8m Negotiable pa as in ndi pa napapaandar sa kalye original left hand drive.

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    Nov 2008
    sweet! 5 min walk lang ang autotrend mula samin, hindi ko pa nakita yan!

    TS: hindi na skyline ang tawag sa kanya! Nissan GT-R na.

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    Nov 2008
    How much is it sa gray market? Kung sa Nissan kaya mismo?

  7. #27
    Last week I saw a White GTR in Cebu!

    I haven't take a photo cause we are on the road heading on the opposite side, sayang.....

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    Nov 2008
    waw ang angas pala nyan!

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    Jul 2005
    The other sunday morning, i saw a GTR along EDSA, trailed by an Evo X(at least that's how it looks to be)... followed by an escort Revo. Ang bilis nila. Not sure if that's the same GTR as posted in the photos. They turned into Ayala Ave.

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    Jun 2006
    I`ve been here in Japan for over 15 months and I've only seen the GTR twice..... kahit dito hirap daw makakuha ng GTR.
    mas madami pa akong nakitang bentley dito....
    has anybody seen the new fairlady (370z)? ganda!
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Nissan Skyline GTR sighted!