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    Jul 2004
    Can you give me an idea of howmuch is a nissan serena today??? sombody is selling me a serena with 220T authomaic 8 seater...

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    Oct 2002
    a serena with that kind of price must be a subic unit, hence, converted. a brand new serena ranges from 1.1M to 1.3M depending on model.

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    Sep 2005
    am i late?
    DON'T BUY A NISSAN SERENA! it sucks! lots of problem and too much rattling noise

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    Aug 2005
    yeah. my friend has it. bagong-bago, sira agad automatic transmission. puro gear 1 lang sa SLEX... rest mo pa. labo nga eh.

    grandis na lang

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    Jul 2004
    What? sure ba yan? Baka subic Serena yan

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by federal
    yeah. my friend has it. bagong-bago, sira agad automatic transmission. puro gear 1 lang sa SLEX... rest mo pa. labo nga eh.

    grandis na lang
    bagong bili na subic

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    May 2005
    sir Nice guy...

    subic price po yata iyan

    a/t for a 220 K ??

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    yes, its a JDM doubt...unless of course its "220T, assume balance" tignan mo nalang at ipa-describe mo un kung sinabing diesel, then no doubt its a jdm...walang local serena na diesel dito.

    i dont like reffering it as subic kasi, for starters, di lang naman sa subic nangagaling lahat ng cebu din!

    ok din nmn ung model na yan, lalo ung diesel, efficient...but honestly, di convertion ang prob na kakaharapin mo dyan, kungdi ung parts!

    kung gas, sr20 makina nun, kaya ok lang, and diesel ang prob, cd20 is not locally available,h?...body parts and basically 75% ng van magkakaprob ka sa parts...

    i dont recommend this for first-time car user or novice car enthusiast...pero if your hardworking,willing to learn, you'll find these vans much better than most of our local units..

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    Sep 2007
    Nissan Serena JDM:

    sir adivice and feedback naman regarding sa YD 25 na serena. Yung kamukha ng local model natin. I think 99 model and up yata yun.

    1. Fuel Efficiency considering its automatic?
    2. I know lahat ng JDM serena halos automatic lahat maliban lang Philippine version gas variant na may manual trans. Reliable ba automatic trans ng nissan? I mean, you just need to regulary change ATF.
    3. Issue with serena like parts, kalampag, noise, aircon?

    Need your advise sir, Nag-iipon kasi sir to buy a family car. Choosing between JDM serena or Local Starex. JDM previa sana kaso 3C engine kaso sabi ng father ko, disposable engine daw C engine models ng toyota like sa FX dati. Nabasa ko na matipid din daw ito at kaya 10-12kms per liter sa city. Sana nga.. :-) We will be using the van mostly on long trips going to Nueva Ecija. thanks po sa inyo.

    P.S. Tried to seach for JDM serena thread kaso wala ako mahanap sa search. pasensiya na. salamat po.

Nissan Serena