I can't seem to find a database just for Navara. I saw the Nissan vehicle fuel consumption thread but I am just interested with the Navaras since this is the truck I own.

Mods, please merge the thread if there is already an existing one. (Can't find it though)

Can we follow a format so it's easier for viewers to analyze the data?

Length of time owned:
Maximum FC:
Minimum FC:
Other notes:

Here's mine:

Model: 2013 Navara Tech Extreme 4x4 A/T
Length of time owned: Just about a month
Maximum FC: 8.324km/L
Minimum FC: 6.726km/L
Other notes: It's mostly mixed city and hiway driving. I understand an A/T consumes more fuel than a M/T but I hope I will improve my FC after a while. (btw, for android users, there's a very good app called aCar, try it!)

Hope other Navara users can input data here also! Salamat!