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    Mar 2003
    gamit ng coke and other companys. matibay ba body and engine nito? any complaints? pinapabili kasi kami ng bagong delivery van. either l300 or admax lang ang approved ng franchisors. meron na naunang l300, kaya susubukan sana yung admax as 2nd delivery van. hope to here from you guys.

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    Mar 2003
    I tried searching the net for admax, walang results. but I did find a word adresort by nissan. are these the same pickup? any inffo would greatly help me.
    Baka may taga nissan diyan pwede makahingi ng better price than the dealers?

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    Jun 2004
    yung admax ata sentra flatform pati engine, kung lite duties lang OK na yan comportable, pero nothing beat L300 FB for ligth commercial vehicle..hehe...>>

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    Mar 2003
    wala atang bumili ng admax. series 2 sentra yata kamukha.

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    Oct 2002
    admax is based on the B13 (series 2) Sentra. It can be had with a gas or diesel engine. You have a choice between a blind van (no rear windows) or a window van with a rear bench.

    I guess maintenace and upkeep won't be too different from the Sentra from which it was based on.

    Not sure on the diesel engine, though. Hindi popular yung engine na iyon.
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