Engine won't turn off even without the key in the ignition. The solenoid thingy that controls the fuel delivery moves up and down (engine dead), again even if the key is not in the ignition. Weird but these things happened to me last Saturday. My Y60 was idling with the ac on when I decided to turn the engine off and it didn't. Open the hood and with a power wrench extension I pushed the mechanical thing just between the oil filter and the injection pump. The engine choked and died. I started it up again, then turned it off. It was fine until I decide to leave. This time the engine was hunting (RPM goes from 750 to 0 and vice versa). Turned off the engine again (this time it did). Then from the the inside I heard this tick-tock sound which was coming from the engine bay. Popped the hood and saw that thing moving ala Terminator all by itself and with the key remove from the ignition. It stopped only when I reset one of the socket from the battery terminal. Now evrything's fine for about a year. So, did anyone of you guys experienced this?