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    Jan 2006
    Along with the facelift of the "RP market series II" Sentra, the top model became the SE Saloon with 4-wheel disc brakes and ABS.

    i just want to know what was the differences of those nissan sentra cause there's ECCS, JX, LEC and more
    The ECCS was the best Sentra Nissan sold here... classic yun.
    Did "ECCS" become a local nickname for the old Super Saloon Sentra? Lancer itlog and Pizza lancer?

    ECCS = Electronic Concentrated Engine Control System.
    Super Saloon/ SE Saloon
    Engine Model: GA16DE
    Max Power: 110 PS * 6000 rpm
    Max Torque: 14.0 kg-m * 4000 rpm

    Series3 1.6L engine was the GA16DNE, rated at 105hp. The main difference is the air intake which was oriented downwards.
    According to my Sentra Series III brochure, the Super Saloon uses a GA16DE rated at 110 PS * 6000 rpm same as the "Series II" Sentra before it.
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    Oct 2005
    Did "ECCS" become a local nickname for the old Super Saloon Sentra? Lancer itlog and Pizza lancer?
    yup, much like that...

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    May 2006
    Uy! Automatic door locks ko umaandar pa rin.
    My mom bought a Nissan B13 1.6 last 1990. Up to now...running fine pa sya.

    Rant though...sirain ang CV Joint. May "Tong!" sound pag lumiliko.
    sirain rin ang automatic antenna. U need to oil it always. After a while, I didn't repair it na.

    Original fender light (green) is not available anywhere anymore. Pundi isa sa akin...after 10 years of use. (Inupuan kasi..nayupi ang fender)

    Not to scare you though, its really a reliable car, as long as the previous owner cared for it well. Pinapantaxi nga ito di ba...buhay pa naman sila. Lamig pa aircon.
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    Oct 2006
    all your comments guys were very helpfull i dont really know abut this car may nag alok lang sakin e tamang tama sana sa budget ko kasi lessthan 100k lang eh....maybe you know some one who is selling car a budget one if more that 150k siguro ipa finance ko na so i can afford still looking which is best kung nissan ba or mitshubishi ba...thanks guys!

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    I sometimes drive a 1994 JX
    -no power steering, no power windows, no power locks, no power mirrors
    -1.4 Twin Cam 16 valve carb engine (around 90 horses?)
    The old JX's 1.4 (GA14DS) with a down-draft two barrel carburator produced 85 PS * 6000 rpm, while the Series III EX Saloon's 1.4 (GA16DE) with ECCS, EFi produced 90 PS * 6000 rpm

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    Aug 2004
    I'd go for a non-carb'd car. Old carburators suck on gas.

    Yup... "ECCS" is a good nickname... If I say B13 or "Classic", most drivers just give me the blank look... if I say "ECCS", they go "ahhh.... ayun...".

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    ECCS or LEC body is the Banawe-nickname for the series.

    GA16DNE and GA16DE were both available but in different model years.
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    Oct 2002
    yup layman's term yan

    Granduer Body

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    Feb 2005

    may for sale section ba ang nissanbayan? ty

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    Oct 2006
    Good Evening Tsikoteers! Newbie po and this is my very first.

    For me, i'd choose any series 2 model except the basic LEC. This model is so basic that it doesnt even have remote gas and trunk opener.'ll have to turn-off the engine, go outside (you wish its not raining) and open the trunk.

    Same as filling with gas, yes...i know, for safety reason, you'll really have to stop engine...but in this case, you'll either have to give your key to the gas attendant or you'll have to open it yourself..which can compromise security especially during weehours of night, i think, hehe.

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difference about nissan sentra pls help...