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    Nov 2002
    how do you get a better ride on nissan p/ups mine is an ultra eagle..i heard they do something about the springs?...ano yun..babawasan o dagdag ng leaf spring?..i havent got a clue...

    i installed old man emu..nagimprove pero di pa rin ako kuntento..

    pareho lang naman ang frontier at eagle di ba..exept for the engine syempre at looks/interior...pero halos pareho naman yung ibang component niya?

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    Oct 2002
    if you're looking to make the ride softer, it's taking a leaf away. bear in mind this will drastically reduce the load-bearing capacity of your car.

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    Oct 2002
    Ang pagkakaalam ko, babaliktarin po ang leaf spring para lumambot ang ride. But this will also reduce the loading capacity of your truck. :roll:

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    Oct 2002
    If you never really load up the pick-up, then you can have them remove one leaf spring.

    Alternatively, you can install Load Plus (from trailmaster). Mga P2,800 yata. This actually might be a good idea if you remove one leaf spring. Since nabawasan ng leaf spring, eh, di dagdag ka ng leaf spring helper (which is what this Load Plus is). Available from Ride stores yata.

    More expensive option is to replace the leaf spring with Old Man Emu, too. But that's about 19t to 20t for a set of two leaf springs.

    Good luck.


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    Oct 2002
    In my frontier, I play with the tire pressure to have a softer ride. I can not remove a leaf spring because I need the carrying capacity. There is a certain pressure ng tire mo that you would find "soft" enough for your back and not bad enough for your tire wear.

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    Oct 2002
    wildthing, what's your tire pressure? front? rear? stocks ba tires mo? slmt.

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    Oct 2002
    pwedeng baligtarin yung isang eliptic leaf. hihina ang load pero koti lang.

    antayin mo yung DIY project namin ni otep sa ride ni djerms :mrgreen:

  8. FrankDrebin Guest
    ah parang sa L200 ko.

    pag nalubak ng konti, KAAADYYYAANGGGG!

    Wala namang kalampag. Or maybe hindi na OEM yung shock?


better ride on nissan p/ups