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    Dec 2003
    TD27 none turbo 80hp lang? Ang alam ko TD27 with turbo is 120hp na. Ang lakas pala ng turbo na nakakabit sa TD27 turbo. Pati pretty sure ako TD27T is really faster than Z24, kasi we have both. Malakas ang TD27T for a real SUV. Comparison ko is Z24 Terrano, Feroza and Sportage.

    BTW gen 1 Terrano (WD21) already is more than a decade old. From what I know it first came out 1987 sa other countries. So the design is more than a decade old. I also like the pre face lift design. Boxy bumbers than what came out locally the rounded bumbers. Mas matapang tingnan yung older Terranos. I am even contemplating on swapping the bumbers of my local Terrano to a JDM one. Talagang mas mahihirap ako maconvince next time sa Nissan casa na local yung akin. With the current setup of black bumbers, jdm accessories, silver paint they had to inspect pa when I bought it to them to have it serviced a few months ago.

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    Jun 2005
    Local D21 Terranos came with Z24 and TD27 only. TD27t must be a subic import. Avoid the Z24, it consumes around 3.5-4kms/l and is really underpowered. I use to have one. also, be wary of TX4s that came with THULE accessories in the roof cause the rain water to enter the cabin. TD27 is underpowered but should be economical.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by jkyamog
    So 2 ang lumabas na diesel engine locally? TD25 (2.5 liter) and TD27 (2.7 liter).

    Akala ko kasi only Z24 (2.4 liter gas) and TD25 came out locally. And TD27 was only available locally on D21 (Eagle series pickup), Urvan, Frontier, etc.
    TD25 was never available on the Terrano. It was either a 70bhp 2.7 non-turbo or a 100 bhp Z24 engine.
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    Jul 2007
    nissan terrano td27 were released locally, they were somewhat came from japan whole units or so because if you check its plate inside the engine compartment no umc code factory but its left hand drive originally and not converted, the converted ones are the ones which are turbo charged the td27t engine, very economical and very nice and muscular form, my mom bought a local unit for myself last may since it's ways better than the kia sportage and really nice engine, have minor probs but cost me less than 3o thousand to fix up and it's like good as brand new running, nice suspension, better then the crosswinds, adventures and revos, very nice ride from an SUV since it is an executive transport, hope you enjoy the car as much as i do, the local units have the body cladding and extended fender flares, nice touch and looks great, nice built chasis and 4x4 system...

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    Aug 2005
    True, we still have a 97 terrano, all original and easy to maintain...TD27 is the best.
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    Apr 2006
    dont swap your SIR, its a collectors item. i suggest you just buy that terrano for out of town trip and flood. kept your SIR

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    Feb 2007
    TD25 was used by Nissan for Urvan Microbus from 1990 to 1997. Then on 1997 they released the Nissan Urvan Shuttle using the same engine. Then on 1999, Nissan decided to used TD27 engine on all Urvan models (Escapade and Shuttle). Local Terrano used TD27 engine non turbo. TD27 and TD25 is very reliable engine and easy to maintain. Ang dami na din surplus TD27 engine na available.

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    Aug 2007
    if i may contribute mga sirs.... i have a 1993 nissan terrano na nabili ko 3 years ago. japan galing so converted. sa awa ng diyos wala pa naman ako na encounter na problems. dami ko na lugar napuntahan and its really great coz kampanti ako khit sa pangit na daan. all orig pa. meron pa nga tv monito which can pick up our local tv station channels. tires ann fan belt lang ata napalitan ko.hehehe. no regrets for having it.

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    Oct 2002
    if i didnt have the pajero, id buy this suv, even if the 2.7diesel, is underpowered, PMS and consumption is ok. about the 2.4L gas, gas guzzler but it's reliable and cheap parts so if you get a chance to get one at a bargain price, get one. better if you get the 2.7diesel.

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    Mar 2007
    I have two local diesel terranos. One executive series and one limited. I came from gas cars 2.0 - 2.3 displacements and also had two other diesel pickups. If i may compare the power to my previous vehicles, i would say that the gas beats any of them. Dont be fooled though, they are not underpowered. The gearing for the terranos are low 8:35 I think. If you want speed, you should upgrade to 9:37. I have large tires and my rig still climbs. Doesn't belch smoke like my mitsubishi. Its not a racer, dont expect to go beyond 130kph on the existing gearing. Met a guy who upgraded his gearing and told me it responded like a gas engine after the swap. Am not fond of turbos and their maintenance so the stock TD27 is fine by me.

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    TD27 is a strong engine and doesnt really complain. If you are comparing these engines with a gas engine, base it on torque as its not meant to be raced. I bought two because i really liked the ride, comfort, performance and fuel economy.

    It is very much fun to drive as it feel nimble and light, especially if the clutch is still original because it's soft as compared to replacements. Excellent AC and i like the limited slip differential on mountain climbs.

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