Honda CG 125 2019 is a new arrival in Atlas Honda. Atlas Honda declares Honda 125 more powerful, more elegant, and quirky and the most speedy bike of 125 series ever. New innovations are seen in Honda 125 that are not prevalent in the trending market.

Getting started Honda 125 has 4 stroke, 99 Kg weight, 4 gears and powerful engine with much higher horsepower. The design of Honda 125 2019 and Honda CD 70 2019 is not fully customized and design is older. Apart from these specifications Honda 125 new model 2019 is slightly better than the 2018 model. The price of 1, 10,000 makes Honda 125 bit expensive but Atlas Honda excels again in high speed and strong grip on the roads. Unlike Honda CD 70 2019 Honda 125 has not a decent average and good mileage but it has stunning power and a stronger grip than the CD 70. We can surely confirm that Honda 125 New model is not for everyone this bike is for those who want speed with excellence in road grip and a bike that can take them through all thick and thin. This bike has all the super features that a high-speed bike must have.