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    Jun 2007
    Mura na locally made pa! A boost to our local motorcycle manufacturing industry!

    Manila Bulletin
    July 7, 2008

    RP firm to produce low-cost motorcycle Filipino-owned Blaze Motortech Corp. is investing P112.853 million for the establishment of a new motorcycle production facility in Meycauayan, Bulacan as it intends to sell motorcycles for as low as P25,200 per unit.

    Based on its application for registration with the Board of Investments, the company has committed to assemble eight new motorcycle models with the most affordable model QH110-8 having an estimated retail price of only P25,200 per unit while the top end models QH 200 GY III and QH 200 GY VII have estimated retail price at P42,000 a unit.
    It would start production at its new plant in Meycauayan, Bulacan this month with an annual production capacity of 10,999 units.
    The company has an existing technical licensing agreement with Chongqing Koayeng Motorcycle Industry Co. Ltd. for the supply of some of knock-down parts that are not locally manufactured.
    But Motortech president Wilbert A. Lim said it would also prioritize local procurement to promote local parts manufacturing and its supporting industry.
    As a percentage to its overall manufacturing cost, the company has placed the local value content for its motorcycles at 39 percent.
    Among the motorcycle parts and components that are available locally are battery, muffler, bolts and nuts, tires, mirror, fender including mud guard, seats upholstery and tool kit and manual.
    The company said it is now developing body frames, plastic parts and electrical components initially for their own consumption. Later on, the firm plans to supply to other manufacturers of and distributors of motorcycles.
    Blaze is an existing participant of the Motor Vehicle Development Program as a motorcycle assembler but has transferred its plant to Meycauayan, Bulacan from Pasig .
    Already, the Board of Investments management committee said the project can be considered as a new project because the proposed investment of P112.853 million is over 201 percent of the required company fixed assets.
    Based on its 2007 financial statement, the company’s fixed asset was placed at P56.094 million. It has an authorized capital stock of P120 million, subscribed capital of P30 milllion and paid-up capital of P20 million.
    The project would funded through equity contributions from its shareholders, supplier’s credit and loan.
    Maayos na lang na sidecar ang ikabit...

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    May 2007
    congrats,next...iyan ang pinoy! next... passenger car

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    Jun 2007
    I hope they will increase the local content of the motorcycle and the quality of their bikes to make them at par with more established ones...

    They should also intensify their marketing program to help bring into the Pinoy consciousness of a new Pinoy bike....

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    Aug 2005
    Sana maging successful ang business venture na ito.

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    Oct 2006
    i hope it will soon progress along the car industry. hopefully it can acquire the next generation of pinoy geniuses to create alternative powerplants
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Nov 2005
    but please no more tricycles, they're a menace on the street. we have a house in antipolo and ive seen what the effect is when the trike numbers have more than doubled in the last few years.

    more traffic, more noise, madaming barumbadong trike drivers singit ng singit. they make a line anywhere making it harder to park, tapos pag pinapaalis mo magagalit, they become tambays since sa dami nila there's a surplus vs passengers na
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    Jun 2005
    di ko alam kung matutuwa ako o mapapailing...mixed feelings...happy dahil more jobs for people...sad dahil dadami nanaman ang mga peste sa kalsada(3wheelers PUV)

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by pitbullz View Post
    di ko alam kung matutuwa ako o mapapailing...mixed feelings...happy dahil more jobs for people...sad dahil dadami nanaman ang mga peste sa kalsada(3wheelers PUV)
    Same here, pitbullz.
    IMHO, una sa lahat, mass transport systems ang dinedemanda ng panahon. More passengers per vehicle. Kailangan lang ng sanayan sa ganitong sistema. At disiplina sana sa strategic planning & implementation, katulad ng Singapore atbp. Kaso, bara-bara ang national planning (if ever meron). Nakukulayan ng pulitika, sipsipan, at vested interests ang transport sector, starting with Congressional committees all the way down to the traffic enforcers.
    Ang pag-asenso ng Blaze would be the right step
    ... in the wrong direction, IMO lang.
    Abangan din dapat ang pagdami ng fatalities ng motorcycle accidents.
    [SIZE="1"]DESIGN is the missing link in the Philippine auto industry.[/SIZE]

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    Sep 2004
    If Blaze promises a boost in the local motorcycle manufacturing industry, sana may kasamang boost din sa riding discipline and safety.

    A lot of riders think na once nakabili ka na ng motor, that's it. They don't bother investing enough in safety equipment such as knee pads, riding boots and quality helmets, much less on proper riding lessons.
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    Oct 2002
    This is not the first Pinoy motorcycle brand.

    MCX Motorcyles already has a factory in Meycauyan, Bulacan.

    __________________ Comparison: Hyunda Veracruz versus Mazda CX9

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