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    Aug 2009
    hello fellow tsikoteers. i need help and advise and opinions on how to "restore" my lancer el cb.

    I just recieved my lancer from my dad after he bought a new innova. The lancer looks like an "abused taxi" on the outside. nagbibitak na ang pintura on the driver's side door, bumper has white watermarks, windows has watermarks, etc. but maintenance is great on the inside because my dad paid more attention on the motor and the "parts that make it run" (he said that ang mahalaga is tumakbo yung kotse. kaya dapat kondisyon ang motor. e.g. change timing belt, other belts frequently (i think 4 times a year), radiator overhaul monthly, change sparkplugs, etc.)

    What i want to do is to restore my itlog into a simple authentic semi-stock look/stylized JDM but i want to avoid the category of being "ricey". But i don't know where to start. can someone point me to the right direction/shop on how to do this? also, i want to put a rear wiper to increase my rear vision when i drive in the rain. i don't mind windowshopping for some parts but i don't want to go "over the budget line/wag naman masyadong mahal" :D

    inb4 stick oem stock look, buy a new car, etc. :D

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from some members.

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    Oct 2002
    And how much budget do you have for this project?

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    Aug 2009
    Thanks for the reply ghosthunter

    Actually, i haven't planned the budget yet. but i would think i would overpass the budget to a price of a second-hand car. about 25k-80k the most.

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    Jul 2008
    overall detailing.

    paint wash over if necessary

    rust proofing

    also check the suspension, brakes and anything under the car. replace if necessary.

restore Advise needed