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    Jul 2010
    guys if you are from south, you can go to VISUAL SPEED in binan laguna . from sta rosa going to pacita complex its on the right sde after perpetual help hospital before red ribbin bake shop, from pacita complex or carmona its on the left side after red ribbon bake shop before perpetual hospital, its along national hi way. they can customize any type os sticker design you want.

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    Jul 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Ry_Tower View Post
    Kopal sticker ayaw niyo? hehehe
    parang ok yan ah, bumper sticker "WARNING! smegma driver inside!"

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    May 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by mikomac View Post
    im looking for car audio quotes or vectors or funny logos. parang yung logo ng victoria court na may headphones.

    if "IT'S" too loud, "YOU'RE" too old. A sticker like that may cause road accidents involving grammar nazis.

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    Jul 2009
    May nakita ko, di naman sticker, sinasabit lang "Dont english me! I'm panic?"

    Ano kaya magandang sticker sa taas ng windshield na pang stock? Gusto ko lang lagyan para pag nakakasalubong ko yung car nalalaman kong sa amin (in times when my wife is using it).

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    Mar 2009
    Stock car modified driver :hysterical:

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    Feb 2009
    stop reading my bumper sticker, buy your own

    don't laugh, it's paid for

    don't tailgate or i'll flick a booger on your windshield

    hit me, my lawyer and me need money

    it might be old but it can not get repossessed

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    Oct 2006
    "Caution:I drive as bad as you do"

    "Dont follow me I'm lost too"

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    Sep 2012
    Kung medyo regional ang dating na medyo senseless, ... insert whatever you want sa blank line.

    Mag ingat sa _______________, bagong hiso

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    Feb 2009
    Don't laugh , your wife is riding with me.

    Lord answer my prayers, Someone steal this car

    Nakiki wi-fi lang

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    Mar 2008
    Get involved! the world is run by those who come.

    PRO-STATE. Philippine Urologic Society

    <--passing side suicide-->
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